Yesterday I had a “Christine Day” which included deciding to give myself a French manicure. I’d tried before and failed horribly, but this time I didn’t do too bad. I went to Sally Beauty and bought up some goodies:

Orly “Top to Bottom” base & top coat
Stripe Right in Silver Glitter
China Glaze Nail Lacquer in “White on White”

Ta-da! The finished product. It took about 45 minutes, and granted it’s not perfect, I’m not discouraged If I can perfect the French mani it’ll save me tons of money since I’m a manicure freak. Base Coat is a must! It provided a nice smooth surface for the polish to glide onto, and to adhere to. I love the brand I used. It applies smoothly and quickly. DON’T GLOP! One coat will do the trick.

Next I started on the white tip. I did two coats of white (and a few touch ups here and there). I started the first coast very light, filling about 1/3 (or a bit less) of my nail, so I had a faint guide when it came time to apply the second coat. This trick worked great for me as I knew where to put the second, darker, coat without worrying about messing up the first time.

Finally, the fun part (for me) was the stripe. I used the Stripe Right, which has a brush about an inch long and is very thin. I practiced on a napkin first (DO THIS!), and did a slow/quick sweep. Doing it a bit faster is better, but since this was my first time I ended up speeding up by the end. The silver tended to glop a bit but it came off easily with some polish remover.

Possibly more looks to come, I’m really getting into DIY nails.