December 2013 | Our First Christmas

This year, Keith and I celebrated Christmas in our new home. Obviously, we kept our regular traditions of going to his parent’s house on Christmas Eve, and my parent’s house on Christmas Day, but we had to create our own Christmas morning traditions. The whole Christmas holiday was magical and I couldn’t have asked for a better two days.

Our tree all decked out and ready to go!

We decorated the house with our tree and some garland for the posts that lead into the living room. This was our morning breakfast table. We ate with just the light of the Christmas tree and our Yule Log on the big screen TV. A tradition at Keith’s home was to have breakfast casserole, so we made that the night before and enjoyed it after we opened presents. It’s delicious and a true Christmas comfort food. I also love that it cooks while gifts are being opened. We also started the day with hot chocolate!

I’m a happy lady. Santa was good!


My presents had a theme this year which was really creative and cool on Keith’s part.  All of my gifts revolved around Alex and Ani and Yoga. :) I received these great additions to my A&A collection and I also got a yoga block made out of recycled materials, yoga socks, and other sweet little things inside my stocking. It was really just an awesome idea. I’ve been neglecting my yoga practice and these gifts really helped to re-inspire me and get grounded for the new year.

Thanks, Liz, for the great card!

We have all of our cards out across the dining room and living room and it’s so exciting and heart warming to see how everyone remembered us during the holidays! This one is from my kooky BFF, and the one in the back with the ornaments is from the lovely Liz at 6birds! I can’t wait to make more traditions with Keith and our families. I’m feeling blessed, thankful, and excited for a new year!

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4 thoughts on “December 2013 | Our First Christmas

  1. Your tree is so pretty! I love how colourful the lights look. The idea of breakfast cassarole has me imagining pancakes and cereal and bacon and eggs all made into a cassarole.

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