Cute Jewelry at the Right Price

In my jewelry box, it’s a mixed bag of my favorite Tiffany pieces and some fabulous but cheap costume jewelry that I’ve collected throughout the years. In fact, my very first piece of costume jewelry was given to me on Halloween, when I was nine years old, in the form of a candy corn bangle bracelet. Once I got older, I realized that mixing some statement costume pieces with my designer necklaces and rings make a great balance and can really complement a look.

For me, bracelets and rings have always been my go-to accessories for work. I love knowing that even with a simple outfit a chunky cocktail ring or a bracelet with charm accents can make my look unique without breaking the bank. My favorite styles of bracelets? Rustic, edgy, and worn out looking metals. I can’t get over how a little bit of funky can make classic pieces that much more exciting. When it comes to rings, I’m usually one to keep it classic. While charm rings are super cute, I’m more of a single stone or design kind of girl. I love the look of a classic gemstone pattern. Remember, with a white gold plated setting you can still land a designer look without those designer prices!

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2 thoughts on “Cute Jewelry at the Right Price

  1. I’ve never really been a big jewelry wearer. I wear a necklace every day (which is either my Dad’s old Libra charm, one my boyfriend got me for my birthday or a St. Christopher medal) but that was always pretty much it. But lately I have been getting a little more into it! I just bought a new ring yesterday which is two skeletons lying down next to each other.

  2. I like looking at jewelry more than buying it lol. I have small wrists so I find it difficult to find ones that fit me ><. I love necklaces though! I have a few and i think they can really make a statement piece in one's outfit ;)

    Joyce @

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