Cold Season & Apple Pie

It seems like everyone is getting sick at this time of the year what with the season change. I currently am battling Bronchitis (and hopefully nothing more! We’ll see on Tuesday when I go for my Doc follow up). I have an ass kicking antibiotic and an inhaler (which is amazing, I’ve never used one before) to help get me better for the next week. Coughing, sneezing, and not being able to hear that well out of my left ear has been rough, but there’s ways to help yourself stay well, and of course, to relief some of the uncomfortable repercussions of being sick.

Chapped lips? Dry hands? No doubt you’re washing your hands a lot more during the cold and flu season if you’re anything like me. I absolutely love Aquaphor and The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector. Slather your hands before you go to sleep, and watch the magic. Dry chapped hands due to cold weather, and hand washing is healed! As for chapped lips (which can be caused by cold weather, and antibiotics/decongestants), I love traditional Chapstick and Carmex. Also, drink plenty of water. If you’re currently sick, water helps to flush out your system, and also plumps lips and skin to keep it moist.

For sore throats and coughs I drink Lipton’s Honey Lemon Black Tea. Tashina suggested it, and I forgot how soothing the honey and lemon are. It’s delicious alone, or with a packet of no calorie sweetener.

And if all else fails, BAKE! I recently baked these two homemade apple pies. I used Cortland Apples for one, and Grannysmith Apples for another. I’ve never used Grannysmith Apples before for baking, but the pie was absolutely delicious.

The flavor was tart, but with the buttery pastry crust (which took the longest to make, but so fun to do), was a great pair. Cortland Apples are always great to bake with in my opinion as well. This might be a new fall tradition. Also throwing a few pinches of flour in the apple mixture made the juices thicker. YUM!! Baking the pies were just as fun as eating them after wards. And don’t lie; you love the lattice crust.

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11 thoughts on “Cold Season & Apple Pie

  1. I hope that you feel better soon. I had a cold in the summer which turned into a cough, and it stayed until now. I got an inhaler from the doctors and that has seemed to sort it.
    I love Granny smith apples, but for some reason I have never liked apple pie. Yours do look yummy though :)

  2. I think I’m getting sick too :(
    But anyway, those apple pies look delicious! Yeah, yeah… I’m loving the crust :P I never take the time to make the crust look pretty when I bake pies.. I really should!
    If I had a slice of apple pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I’m pretty sure I’ll feel a LOT better!

  3. My favorite thing for those dry winterlips are this chapstick that’s actually made by the swedish defense and sold at swedish pharmacys (weird, I know). It’s pretty much a greasy stick with a faint smell of vanilla. It can also be used for dry elbows. And since it’s by the defense, you can apperently fry food with it if there’s a need for that.
    I love melting cough drops in a cup of tea. It feels so awesome when you have a soar throat.
    I have the best recipe for apple pie, but mine don’t look as classic as yours. Or is that classic american or something? Of people make apple pies here in Sweden, they never looks like that.

  4. I used to use Aquaphor – my dermatologist actually recommended it :) i hope you feel better soon.

    Lattice crust is very fancy! Your pies looks really good :) Granny smith is my favorite apple.

    On baking bread, sourdough bread actually uses a starter instead of yeast – basically, you have to make a starter mixture days ahead of time (you make it out of flour and sugar and let it ferment until yeast from the air starts living in it). It’s not hard but it is time consuming – if you just want to try baking bread just to try it, it’s probably easiest to make something like regular white bread of French bread because it requires the least special ingredients (usually just bread flour, yeast, water, and sugar). I’ve tried a lot of recipes from my Martha Stewart cookbook but I’ve also tried a few from the recipe section at and they’ve all turned out well.

  5. That’s a good idea for hands … mine are getting soooo dry. Agh. I got a thing in the mail about using baby oil, what do you think about it?
    My mom tells me that the family ALWAYS gets sick during the change of weather. :/ I’m getting sick right now with sore throat and it’s going to drive me nuts, haha. I hate tea so that’s out, but there doesn’t seem to be much else that helps with it.

  6. Ugh, I have a fever and bronchitis currently. Huge pain and has caused a loss. It really, really sucks.

    I wish I could bake. I’m going to have to convince my mom to bake me a pie.

    Get well, as I hope I will as well.

  7. Ugh, I HATe getting sick! I’m constantly stuffing my face with vitamins. And let’s not even go there about the dry skin. I have to use the really thick Neutrogena Norwegian Formula crap. And tasty looking pies! I fail at pies. FAIL.

  8. It never fails; I’m sick at least twice every winter.

    I always carry moisturizer and lip balm in my purse, My hands get crazy dry, and my lips are prone to cracking and that HURTS.

    Those pies look amazing! Yum!

  9. I had Bronchitus in winter, oh it’s horrible. Hope you get better sweet.

    I find if you drink lots of orange juice and herbal tea, you’ll be better in no time.

  10. My lips have been chapped for about a month now! I hate it. I keep putting my lip stuff on all the time. But I really should start drinking more too I’m sure. As for chapped skin, it’s weird. The only place that is peeling is on one of my thumbs haha. I can’t find the good skin cream that I had though so I’m sad.

    Your pies look great! I made my first pie last month and was proud that it actually turned out and tasted good haha. I wish I had a pie here now to serve to my guests tonight at my party. I might just go buy some cupcakes instead haha.

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