Christine’s Going Cruelty Free

For the past few months something has been in the back of my mind: animals. All kinds! Cute little kittens, chubby bunnies, and fluffy little ducklings. It started when I read a proposal request and learned about a faculty member’s research proposal that would involve animals. 

I was bothered by it and I can’t quite place my finger on WHY I was bothered by it, but it  just wasn’t sitting right with me. 

Fast forward to last week. I’m a professor who is stuck in the snow, hasn’t seen her students in a week, and has nothing better to do than waste time on the Internet, do Yoga in the living room, and experiment with baking recipes. Surfing the net allows me to catch up with some amazing blogs and I immediately felt inspired by my fellow beauty and lifestyle community. To do what, exactly? To pledge to use only cruelty free cosmetics and household items. I can’t stop a faculty member from doing research that I don’t agree with, and I can’t overhaul the lives of everyone around me, but as a beauty product enthusiast, I can stand to look good while practicing some good old fashioned ethics. As I mentioned on Facebook, my lip gloss shouldn’t double as a torture device. didn’t sit right with me. I chalked it up to my humanities background (we don’t often use animals for ANYTHING involving our research interests) and let it lie. Until…that uncomfortable feeling started poking at my mind a few weeks later. 

Because I’m often impulsive, I immediately overhauled my makeup and nail polish first. Thankfully, I had a lot of great cruelty free brands already in my possession! Turns out, too, that during the move a lot of my nail polish separated and got really icky. So, though a lot of my former products were thrown away, it wasn’t a complete waste. My train case is much more organized, my nail polish station in my office is looking great, and I’m having fun replacing household products with new, cruelty-free options as I need to replenish. (I refuse to throw out products that are half full like mousse and toothpaste since if there’s anything more unethical than animal testing for the sake of beauty, it’s WASTE!) 

My animal friendly paper products are en route to the house (tissues, toilet paper, and paper towel), and I’m listing and researching household cleaners and laundry products to purchase once what we have runs out. I feel really good about my decision, though I know it’s going to be a challenge. Here’s to learning, looking good, and doing good! 

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9 thoughts on “Christine’s Going Cruelty Free

  1. good for you!! we’ve been transitioning to all cruelty free products for the last year and though there are times when it’s been a challenge or more expensive, it is worth it to us.

  2. Good for you! I’m glad transitioning was pretty easy for you. :D

    I just hope you are able to afford being cruelty free! I would do the same but I love my meats and not having to force myself to be picky.

    1. Thank you! Erin, just to clarify: this isn’t a dietary decision, just cosmetics and household products. I’m not ready to revamp my diet (and, as much as I feel like a jerk…I really enjoy bison. We don’t eat ground beef at all.) Who knows what the future may hold though?

  3. Congrats on making the choice to go cruelty free! :) The great thing is I buy all my nail polish at the Dollar Tree – nail polish for $1, have to love that. You could always try making some household cleaners. I’ve seen a lot of books for kindle that’s about making cleaners, I’ve never tried it though. Also you should look for the app – I think it’s just called Cruelty Free – it will tell you if anything is animal friendly, from shampoo to female products. It’s super handy. And PETA has a great list of products & companies – as well as links.

    And going cruelty free isn’t really a huge price difference, like I said I can buy items at the local dollar store. It just takes time to know what items are okay to use.

    Hm…maybe I’m a little too excited for someone else to go cruelty free, but all the animals will thank you for it.

    Are you going to go CF with clothing/shoes as well?

    1. I can sense your enthusiasm and I’m loving it! Thanks for the tips and the great app to check out!

      Budget wise, cruelty free clothing and shoes wouldn’t be an option for me right now since my closet is full of purses and shoes that I would never get rid of. For now it’s just cosmetics and household products. Any brands you recommend?? :)

  4. Ah, good luck! One of the major reasons I stopped using makeup altogether (aside from being allergic) was because of the fact that they used animals to test their products. It’s also another reason I dislike science, no matter how long certain animals and their parts are to humans. Unless it can also help to better animals themselves, I’m against the cruelty to them.

  5. Nice, nice! This seems like a challenging feat for those that don’t think about it all that much. However, your commitment to go cruelty free is very respectable. Kudos to you, and good luck. :)

  6. Nice one :) Beware of tricksy labelling though. Some brands market themselves as cruelty free or not tested on animals, and they are technically not lying, but they only mean that the item I’m holding is not tested on animals, and the same item by the same brand sold in a different country is tested on animals. Tricksy labelling is tricksy.

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