California Love: Traveling to the West Coast

California is one of my favorite places for a few reasons. The weather is gorgeous, the people are much more relaxed than my native East Coast community, and the culture and entertainment is amazing. I first went to California when I was four years old, hailed my own taxi cab, and the rest is history. Eventually, I plan on making the West coast my permanent place to hang my hat, but in the mean time, I try and visit at least once every few years. Last time I went was for my college graduation and my parents, Keith, and I all went together. We looked at traveling and options including a hotel in San Diego so we would be able to experience all of those fun “touristy” attractions that I love about California to begin with. Though I like to PRETEND that I’m a native (my accent usually gives me away), I find that choosing hotels that are near all of the arts and entertainment is the most convenient, especially if you’re bringing someone new along for the ride (in our case that was Keith). Shopping, museums, and of course, eateries were some of the greatest things we were able to easily experience because of ease of access. I personally loved being able to eat Sourdough Bread whenever I wanted. There are mini bakery carts on almost every pier and corner, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Overall, California has an activity for the outdoorsy person, the homebody, and the shopaholic. The next time I go will probably be in a couple of years, and I don’t think I would change a thing about how we chose our location even if we are veteran travelers by that point.

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