We Survived a Bathroom Remodel!

If you really want to test your relationship, try tackling as many home improvement projects as possible within the first two years of owning your own home. Seriously. Paint almost every room, re-point the foundation in the basement, hand-pour a concrete pad for trash can storage, clear out the yard and revamp your gardens, rip the whole front off of your home and build a new porch, and while you’re at it: re-carpet the basement stairs. When you’re done? Remodel your second bathroom the month after your wedding. If you can handle this, I’m convinced you can handle almost anything relationship-wise. I’m not really sure why we did all of this at once. Maybe we’re a bit unhinged, but we like getting things done. Our next big project for our 1925 Colonial is a new fence, but that can wait for a little bit. 

Because I’m a beauty junkie, bathrooms are important. We have a half bath on the main floor that company uses, but our full bath on the second floor with our bedrooms needed a major update. We have an original clawfoot tub with traditional fittings, so we wanted to make sure that our remodel brought it to 2015 without losing the 1925 charm ala Nicole Curtis (my inspiration and Keith’s lady crush). Here’s where I used to do my blogging research: 



Our bathroom was dated. We tried making it more modern with a funky curtain and some nice fuzzy accents, but it really didn’t jive for us. That nasty green and horrific peel and stick tile from the families before us cheapened our whole design.

But…here is where I do my blogging research now!




We re-did the floor to have our dark hardwood match throughout. We kept the retro look of the 1920s with some funky wainscoting paneling, retro hardware and pedestal sink and added our own touches with our snazzy purple and a badass deer head (chrome). The mature, yet hipster, shower curtain came from my bestie, Lea. The best part? My clawfoot tub has been repainted and I can actually see myself in the bathroom mirror.

Will we tackle more projects? You bet! But first? I should probably take a selfie! 


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7 thoughts on “We Survived a Bathroom Remodel!

  1. Uglyfish says:

    Oh my god, what an amazing job! It looks incredible, so classy and elegant. I liked it beforehand, but you’ve done wonders with it. You’re very brave tackling all those home improvements yourself, but it was worth it!
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  2. Agent Q says:

    Nicely done! I always like seeing how other people design and remodel their homes [or at least parts of them]. Looking forward to reading more about your future renovation projects. :D

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