Awesome Bars Giveaway!!

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

As of midnight, March is finally upon us which means I’m kicking off this year’s USA National Nutrition month with a delicious bang! We begin this month of wellness with a chance for all of my USA and Canada readers to win an Awesome Bars Taster Pack from Awesome Bars. I first talked to Leah and Stephanie of Awesome Bars after becoming a Sweat Pink Ambassador. Not only was Leah amazingly sweet to chat with via e-mail, but I love their philosophy on snacks and wellness. Their website says that they wanted to create “Something simple that would satisfy the hungry people running up mountains and the people running the world,” which struck a chord in my heart! I’m one of those busy ladies who tries to run the world, run on the treadmill, and run home to grade papers. I get hungry and I KNOW that so many of my amazing readers feel the same way! So, ONE of my lucky winners will be receiving a 5 bar Taster Pack! =D

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Since we are always on the go and trying to keep healthy and fabulous too, me and the crew at Awesome Bars want to make it a little easier for you. Each of these bars are made with all natural ingredients and the wrapping is compostable as well. Each flavor offers a little something different to keep your healthy eating regimen exciting and fun. With that being said, good luck, have fun, and Happy National Nutrition Month and a big thanks to Leah and Stephanie of Awesome Bars for sponsoring my giveaway, too!

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39 thoughts on “Awesome Bars Giveaway!!

  1. Deanna

    That is a great giveaway. I’m always looking for healthy food. But I don’t like nuts so I would feel bad if I won this contest as I either would be too scared to try the bars, or I just wouldn’t like them in general. I’ll keep my eyes open for a future contest!


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