Nails Never Go Out of Style

I always make sure that my accessories show a little bit of spark when I get dressed in the morning. It was for this reason that I started doing my own nails. First, I read here to learn more about the different types of fake and natural nail designs I could do. At first, I was weary to simply try doing artificial nails on myself, so I started with simple natural nail art. Polka-dots were the easiest design for me to do because it was more or less foolproof. I used a small toothpick and managed to create some lady bug looking nails in less than a half hour. After I got the hang of using a toothpick I started to use decals and sponges to create artsy designs. Then, I wanted to learn how to do the really fancy stuff! Gel nails, solar, and acrylic nails were next on my to-do list.

I began with using a french manicure stencil from my local drugstore and with a lot of practice managed to steady my hand and use my less dominant hand to create a nice, clean, white tip before I moved on to a simple acrylic nail set and learned how to use the brushes to apply the solution and acrylic powder properly. My one tip is to ventilate the area you’ll be working in since the smell can be a little strong. There is more info here on learning how to apply the gel nails properly and how to remove them safely when you no longer want them. You don’t want to risk ruining your nails!

With all of the products I have tried for my nails, and with all of the nail treatments that are out there, I’ve learned that some treatments can actually improve your nails if you’re not blessed with long, flowing nails. If you want to learn more about nail treatments that can improve the look and feel of your nails, sneak a peek at this site to learn about solar nails which keep your natural nails strong, beautiful, and healthy. Because I’m usually trying different types of nail treatments (and because I usually do them myself) I’ve found that a nail treatment that helps to keep my nails hard is necessary every now and then that also looks real.

As a nail enthusiast, I’ve found that sometimes I don’t want my nails to look natural. I want them covered in funky colors with glitter, decals, and more! But for an important meeting, a fancy dinner, or even a wedding, I’m still a fan of the classic pink and white design. You can get a traditional french pink and white with any type of nail ranging from natural to gel and the results are always natural and more realistic than a hot pink tip with purple stripes. Whichever look or design you choose, know that you can make your look unique to you!

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2 thoughts on “Nails Never Go Out of Style

  1. I used to do decals and little designs on my nails, but I haven’t for years. I used to let mine grow out too, thankfully mine don’t break or anything like that. But as of late I haven’t been letting mine grow out because it just seems like a hassle to me – and when you’re babysitting a 1 year old (2 in May) it seems pointless to do your nails because they won’t look that great within a few hours.

    I mainly do solid colors now. And I’m stuck in two different colors: red or black. I have a load of colors but I just always end up with going back to those two.

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