Morgan’s Boutique: Iced Mint Mask Product Review

One of my favorite beauty products is the mask! I’ve always loved them, but was never able to find one that alleviated my oily skin AND left my face feeling fresh, soft, and generally amazing.

Elizabeth at Morgan’s Boutique gave me the chance to review some great, affordable, beauty and skincare products. This is the first of a three part beauty bonanza, so make sure to stay tuned. First up: their Iced Mint Mask. It’s developed especially for oily and acne prone skin. It contains natural peppermint oil and menthol which soothe and awaken the skin at the same time. As soon as I applied it to my face, my skin felt like it was zapped with energy. The formula is creamy and gentle and glides on smoothly–when it’s time to rinse the mask off, I used a warm wash cloth after about 7 minutes (or when you can feel to beginning to dry). It rinses easily and gently. No red blotches here and my skin felt smooth and looked matte and fresh.

The Iced Mint Mask is offered at a wallet friendly price of $7.99 for 2oz. You only need a scoop or two (about 3 fingers full) to cover your whole face, so you get a good bang for your buck, which I love. Their philosophy is that in this economy it is possible to look good and pamper yourself even if you are on a budget. I love their down to earth persona regarding beauty and skincare.

I find it important to mention here that my boyfriend, who has a downright dirty job (he installs burial vaults for cemeteries), also enjoyed a sampling of this mask. Working outside in the humidity and general dirt and grime, he ends up coming home with breakouts from time to time. While he politely declined a photo op on my blog, he did mention his face felt amazing, clean, and smooth after a long day of work. Nothing wrong with a guy who can admit that women know what they are doing when it comes to cosmetics.

Here I am enjoying my Iced Mint Mask–super minty and tingly!

If you order now through the month of October you can use the following code to receive 30% off of your whole Morgan’s Boutique order. Type in CSX110927190126 at checkout and visit their blog to receive even more discounts and giveaways!

Next up: A trifecta of oil blasting gentle skincare: Cucumber Cleanser, Herbal Astringent, and Oil-Free Moisturizer. Keep it here, ladies and gentlemen, the beauty bonanza has just gotten started.

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10 thoughts on “Morgan’s Boutique: Iced Mint Mask Product Review

  1. I love using masks too since it makes my face smoother, cleaner and soft. Is that available here in Philippines too? I would love to try their products. I will also encourage my bf to use it lol Nice photo :)

  2. We will be glad to ship to the Philippines. Please send me an email ( with the products you are interested in and I can send you an invoice through PayPal. You can take advantage of our 30% off coupon.

    Thanks for the great review!

  3. Do you get these products free to review? I would love to do something like that. That’s cool that your guy was brave enough to try the mask too. I don’t know if mine would do that haha. Actually, I think I could talk him into it lol.

  4. I’ve never really used a mask before… I have pretty good skin (I feel lucky). But I probably need it to deal with the stress I put up with all the time, would definitely be relaxing. My mum’s a beauty consultant and I know just how expensive beauty products can be, so anything wallet-friendly is a plus. :D

    I laughed when you mentioned your boyfriend’s appreciation of the product. You’ve got a good man there. :)

  5. I definitely need to try this. I’ve never used a mask before. If it’s minty and tingly, I’m sure I’ll like it. By the way, the pic of you with the mask is so cute.

  6. I love masks! They really seem to help my skin, but I have the opposite… really dry skin.

    How’s the scent? Was it light and airy, strong and overpowering or just right? I’m a scenty person, haha. Love that your bf used it too!

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