Leibster Award Nomination

Fancy, no?

One of the many reasons that I blog is to connect with others. I love reading about other beauty, health, and food fanatics. I learn so much from my fellow bloggers and many of them have had quite an impact on me in various ways. The blogosphere, and the lifestyle bloggers I’ve come to know, is such a unique community! With that being said, Sammy of Autumn Star nominated me for a Leibster Award which includes answering these quirky questions. Hope you all enjoy getting to know the girl behind the cruelty free makeup mask! :)

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Without a doubt San Francisco. I’ve been there five times and the next time I go, I plan on staying. 

2. If you play video games, which one(s) are your favorite(s)? I actually don’t play video games at all. Unless you count QuizUp for the iPhone. I am not a gamer by any means and actually damaged Keith’s stats by playing around on his Call of Duty game. Oops!

3. If you could be in the place of any video game character, who would it be? Why? I’m just going to change this to movie character and say Hermione Granger. 

4. What is one of your favorite hobbies and how long have you kept at it? I am an avid Yogini and have been practicing hot Vinyasa for over two years now. I also practice at home and meditate each day. I began meditation and Yoga when I quit smoking and never looked back. 

5. Have you ever met any of your online friends? Yes! I’ve met four of my online friends! There are still more I’d love to meet though. 

6. What year did you start your blog? Or did you have another blog previous to the one you have currently? I used to have a domain called rainbow-socks.org when I was in high school. It was more or less like a LiveJournal full of angst and anti-government propaganda that lacked logic and poise. 

7. What is your favorite thing about blogging? I love learning new things. I’m a teacher, and with each blog I read I learn something different about people, products, and more. 

8. What is the first thing you notice when you step outside on a beautiful day? The temperature. I live near the water, so the ocean breeze is always present. 

9. What is your favorite season or holiday? As an East Coast girl, I love Autumn…but my favorite holiday is Christmas. 

10. Do you have any fur babies/other pet(s)? If so, what type are they and what are their names? Does my parents’ cat count? One day we’ll get our own!

11. What are you currently reading? Do you enjoy comic books? I’m not a comic book fan. I’m a stuffy English teacher, remember? Seriously though, I love girly fiction for the summertime. I’m currently re-reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s “Adding More ING to Your Life” and “The One and Only” by Emily Giffin. 

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3 thoughts on “Leibster Award Nomination

  1. You made me laugh when I read the very last answer to the comic book question – because I totally knew you were going to say something about being an english teacher ;) Haha!

    I know the name rainbow-socks.org sounds super familiar to me, but I never knew you owned it! :) I think I remember it, but very vaguely.

    Well, I guess we are definitely two different gals between the gamer and non-gamer status – which is totally fine! I think it’s funny that you messed up Keith’s COD stats (hahaha), I prefer the Halo game series over COD, myself.
    Sam recently posted…Anti-social?My Profile

  2. I second the temperature remark. Unless we’re dealing with an extreme weather such as a hurricane, I’d say temperature trumps all else. This might be why I hate leaving my home in Texas even if it’s sunny outside because it’s always unbearably hot. On the other hand, I don’t even mind the blizzard in Iowa because I prefer the cold weather. xD

    I get the same vibe with blogging and learning. Sometimes other people’s posts [or even mere comments I get!] inspire me and give me great ideas. I rarely act on drafting a post based on these ideas, but they’re fun to think about! Besides it’s always nice having an insight into someone’s mind through one’s writing. It’s like knowing someone even meeting him/her! I already met 2 bloggers, was not disappointed at all. I certainly hope to meet more. :)
    Agent Q recently posted…What Being A Teacher Taught MeMy Profile

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