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Come on, Sniff me!

I’ll have to thank the adorable and talented Britney for inspiring me to make a post about my perfumes. I never thought of perfume as that big of a deal, always more of just a simple accessory I enjoy using. After watching her video, and thinking about my ever-growing scent collection, I realized that what scent I decide to use each day depends on my mood, how it will compliment what I’m wearing clothing wise, and why I have come to love each of my perfumes so much. Perfume shopping is hard for me since some scents can give me super awful migraines, so I am very picky! Either way, on we go to the wonderful world of fancy fragrances.

+ Curious by Britney Spears: This was my first ever Britney Spears fragrance I ever owned. My Mom gave it to me as a Christmas gift when I was a senior in high school. I love the light floral scent! There are also vanilla musk undertones and a hint of sandalwood. I love wearing this one because it’s not overwhelming and has serious staying power, especially when I apply it to the backs of my knees in the summertime. I could wear it every day, but I’m indecisive.

+ Fantasy by Britney Spears: The next year at Christmas, my Mom presented me with a Fantasy giftset. She knows me so well! This scent to me smells like cake, sweet, delicious, and a bit heavier than Curious. I’ve found that Keith also enjoys this scent which is always a plus. It reminds me of the beginning of school since I wore it on the first day of my Spring semester last year and a few people told me I smelled great. I also love the bottle which is pink with green gemstones.

+ Vera Wang Rock Princess: Kathleen and I went on a quest for this fragrance. Keith picked this scent as a sample to go with a gift he bought me from Sephora. I automatically fell in love with the scent and used up my sample size quickly. Who else would accompany me on this great adventure besides Kathleen? I went to Ulta first, knowing they would have it–but had no idea it would be $72.00, so we hopped to Walgreens, Kohls, CVS, and finally ended up at Marshalls where we each picked up a big bottle of it for $40.00. It has fruity scents of raspberry, bergamot, and peach. It’s great for going out, or just hanging out at home.

+ Bvelgari pour Femme: My Aunt used to let me use this perfume when I was younger and I loved how fruity and grown up it smelled. She surprised me with a bottle of it when I was a bit older and I use it only on special occasions like weddings and back when I was in high school, dances. It is a bit heavy so only a spray or two will do, and it has scents of violets and orange blossoms. It always makes me feel like a fancy rich women ala Karen Walker.

+ Victoria’s Secret Garden & Beauty Rush Sprays: These body sprays are my go to when I just want a quick spritz of scent without going crazy. My favorite is Strawberries and Champagne (Keith’s favorite on me too!!), and Love Spell. Love Spell got me out of trouble a lot in high school. I used to smoke in the bathrooms and it always kept me smelling fresh, haha. I also love Beauty Rush’s Passion Fruit Pop. All of their scents are fun, fruity, and playful in my opinion.

And for the perfumes I own, but haven’t worn yet? Paris Hilton’s Can Can, Britney Spears’ Believe, and Britney Spears’ Midnight Fantasy. I have them sitting on my desk in my perfume tray, but haven’t gotten around to trying them yet. Do you have any perfumes you’d like to try? What are some of your favorite scents to wear?

  1. Fantasy was my first Britney perfume & I loved it – reminds me of cotton candy! :) You should try Paris’s other one can’t remember the name (I should, I use it all of the time) – it’s in a black and pink bottle. Amazing! I haven’t tried the other ones you’ve listed but i’ll have to try them out. Everyone loves smelling good! :)

    Good luck getting back into the swing of classes this week!

  2. I love the Curious perfume too! Some people tease me for wearing it because it’s a Britney perfume (*rolls eyes*) but I don’t care – it’s nice, and like you said, not overwhelming.

    You’ve made me want to try that Bvlgari perfume now though! It sounds like something I would probably wear (assuming I could afford it, lol). And I actually laughed out loud when you mentioned Karen Walker! :D

  3. All great scents!

  4. Oh gosh well as much as I love perfume, I don’t have many scents. I have a few perfumes I got as a gift, and a body spray called pear fantasy but I haven’t ever really spent money on perfume. Both your post, and Britney’s post inspired me to look up different perfumes and body sprays I am going to save up.

  5. I’m glad I provided some inspiration. :) haha Have you also associated certain perfumes with Winter and Summer? I tend to do that. For example, I think Japanese Cherry Blossom is a great Winter perfume, whereas Paris Hilton and Versace Red Jeans are great Summer scents.

  6. I agree with Britney, I’m always choosing my scents based on the weather.

    Fantasy and Curious FTW! Miss Spears sure knows a good scent =D

  7. I’m not a big perfume connoisseur but I have one so far that I love to death. Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder. Its exotic and fruity and probably not the best “winter” scent but I don’t care! I love Britney’s Curious though too.

  8. The VS Beauty Rush sprays are amazing! Because of it being a bit oily the scent doesn’t fade much! Love them :D

  9. There are so many perfumes I like as well, and I can’t just pick one, and stick with it. I love Miss Dior Cherie, but I don’t own it. I so look forward to when I can afford it:) Other than that one I love Calvin Klein’s Euphoria. It smells fantastic! I also like Britney Spears – Believe & Curious.

  10. I usually stick to a simple scent, Michael Jordan. I guess women with perfume is the same as women with shoes, guys will always never understand lol.

  11. I don’t wear perfumes. A lot of places where I live are now scent free, especially schools. And since I’m a teacher, that means I can’t wear scents. But it’s fine with me because I can’t really stand perfumes. I find it hard to breathe. I have a hard time even walking through smelly stores or aisles like the laundry detergent aisles.

  12. Until I received Avril Lavigne’s Black Star fragrance as a Christmas present, I was never a very big perfume wearer at all, aside from a touch of Immortal now and again. ((Found here: But thanks to Black Star, now I totally love wearing perfumes! ? I’m still not used to putting it on, though, so I usually forget until after I’m out the door, haha.

    Now, even though perfume’s awesome, I fuckin’ HATE when I walk past a woman — Or a man — And they’ve sprayed, like, an entire bottle of perfume all over every inch of their body.

    It’s sickening … Especially when it’s some chick that’s trying too hard to look like she stepped out of an episode of Gossip Girl, or a dude who thinks he’s in California in the summer as opposed to Ontario in the winter. Total turn off. Total puke fest. Total fail.

  13. I’ve never tried any of those perfumes. I tend to use random cheap perfumes from just about everywhere. I like them light, fresh and fruity. My favourite scents are apple and vanilla but right now I’m using a raspberry perfume from Yves Rocher.

  14. These are all of my faves!!! Except I’ve never tried or heard of Bvelgari pour Femme. If I had to add a couple to the list, I’d say Ralph Lauren Cool & Ralph Lauren Hot! =)

    Lisa Hays
  15. OMG!! THanks soo much for this.. I collect perfumes and I soooo love perfumes.. LOL I have Vera Wang and that Bvlgari perfume.. I just bought Britney Spears (curious) and I just gave it to my mom.. :)) I wantthe charriol perfume.. it’s sooo <3

  16. I’ve never tried the Britney Spears fragrances, but I’m a huge fan of the VS ones.

  17. I try to stick with only one (I wear fantasy!) so whenever my boyfriend smells it anywhere he thinks of me! :)

    But, I really want to get all of the Harujuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani perfumes! I had a sample and I loved all of them. :)

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