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Cold weather fashion investments

Now that November is here, the cold weather is starting to creep into CT in a big way. It’s currently 34 degrees according to the thermometer next to me. A few years ago, I made some pricey, but worth it winter fashion investments. Here’s what they were, why they are awesome, and why you should think about investing in them too. Winter clothing can be a bit expensive, but I’m glad that I spent the money earlier, rather than always having to buy new coats/boots every year. I am a true believer in “you get what you pay for” when it comes to staying warm.

My first big investment was made a couple of years ago. I purchased a long, wool, pea coat. It comes down past my knees, and unlike this version, mine also has a hood. Keith’s sister-in-law was wearing one and I had to have it. I purchased mine for a very reasonable $90.00 at JCPenney! I wear this coat mostly at school walking through the harsh winter wind, and when I go to the city. The wool keeps me super warm, and the length blocks the wind. I have always been a fan of pea coats because they are truly classic. I also have a shorter hounds tooth style coat and a fun plaid one for cooler fall nights. The fact that this coat can be dressed up or down was also a plus for me going to different schools for work.

Last year I purchased my first North Face fleece. My best friend absolutely swears by them, and I was skeptical. With some extra Christmas money in hand, I walked into Sports Authority with her and never looked back. I have been a proud owner of the Ladie’s Khumba fleece for over a year, in black, of course. Though light, this was one of the best $80.00 investments I have made when it comes to outerwear. I wear this fleece throughout the winter, even on frigid days where it’s below zero. I usually pair it with my Uggs, a long pair of socks under my jeans, and a heavier hoodie underneath. Soft, and less bulky than the typical winter coat, I absolutely fell in love. I’m thinking about purchasing a dark brown one now. To be sneaky and save a few pennies, go for a kid’s size. They didn’t have any kids XL in black when I went, but be on the lookout!

My UGG boots are my go-to for footwear in the winter. I’ve had these babies (in black, surprise, surprise!) for almost all of my college career. I even shovel the snow in them, which has made some people look at me in disgust. The thing about USS boots is this: THEY ARE FOR SNOW. Treat them and clean them when you bring them out for the winter and before you put them away and you can wear them in virtually any type of cold weather, wet or otherwise. Stop wearing them with skirts and shorts. Put them under your jeans, tuck them in, roll them down, whatever–just stop wearing them in the summer. Boots were made for walkin’, shovelin’, and warmin’. Wear them like they were meant to be. You don’t have to worry about them getting ruined if you take care of them. If you’re going to spend over $100.00 on a pair of snow boots, you’re making an investment. Treat them like one. I absolutely love my Uggs and wear them almost daily in the winter. I am also a fan of Cardis.

Some of my other favorite winter warmers:

  • Knee high socks – I put them on under my jeans to keep warm.
  • Leggings – Also perfect for wearing under jeans to stay toasty.
  • Scarves – They block the wind and look chic. I usually like ones with pops of color (to balance out all this black!)
  • Funky hats – I have one pink winter hat with two little balls on top. It’s a loose fit which works well for my big hair.

    What do you do to stay warm? Do you think that spending a little extra cash on good winter fashion will save you money in the long run?

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  • Reader Feedback

    20 Responses to “Cold weather fashion investments”

    1. Deanna says:

      I have a long black coat like that too but the hood doesn’t look very good on me so I don’t usually use it. I have a hard time finding a coat with a hood that I like. I should probably invest in a good hat instead.

      Another thing I hate trying to find is foot wear. I may have to look into the UGG boots because they seem to be pretty good.

      I still usually try to go for the cheaper options. Last year after Christmas I think I got a pretty good winter coat on sale for about $80 so I was happy. The hood on it still kind of sucks though but it works better than the one on my black coat.


    2. Terin says:

      love the coat and the boots! I need both in my closet. I mostly wear sweaters, though, because it doesn’t get that cold in this part of SC. I do believe that it will be a cold winter though. Other than the sweaters, I buy the cheap, but really cute socks from Target.


    3. Marvel says:

      That coat is stunning, it really is. I love big warm coats – and $90.00 is really reasonable! Hats and scarves are my big weakness though, but they’re so useful!

      I wish I had that coat…


    4. lindsie says:

      UGG boots ? them!


    5. alicely says:

      I want that coat! It looks awesome. I also need to urgently find a decent pair of boots – bought a great skirt today and it’ll look fab with boots (but I haven’t got any!).


    6. alicely says:

      I want that coat! It looks awesome. I also need to urgently find a decent pair of boots – bought a great skirt today and it’ll look fab with boots (but I haven’t got any!).


    7. Sarah says:

      I so need a new pair of UGGS, they were my go-to footwear all of last winter, as we had exceptionally bad weather here! The coat looks great too, I need a new one urgently!


    8. Belinda says:

      You’re loving black this year aren’t you, hehe! I hate the cold weather, but I always adore winter fashion. You can’t really be fashionable here in summer because it’s just too darn hot. It can get up to 50 degrees in my state. It’s tortue.

      I think going to vintage shops for winter clothes is great. You can always pick up nice coats and warm scarfs.


    9. Sam says:

      I love the northern face jacket – I have never had one, but my mum does and she says its the best. Its just starting to warm up in Australia – so I wont we wearing anything like this for a while now!! <3


    10. Grysh says:

      Love the coat! :D

      Sweet :p


    11. Christie says:

      I swear by my uggs… I have the same ones only mine have the paisley print on them. I used to think they were so UGGly… but that idea went out the window once I tried a pair on. They are like insulated gloves for my feet. My boyfriend gets mad because I wear them even in the house when I’m cold. If only guys knew how comfy they are!


    12. Jenn~ says:

      I’ve been wanting a pea coat but can’t seem to find one to purchase yet. A lot of them are very tight in the arms/shoulder blade area so I haven’t found the perfect one but they are a great investemnt I have to agree. I have a pair of Uggs and love, love, love them! If you treat them kindly they will last plenty of winters; another great investement. :D


    13. Toney says:

      I like the collection. In my opinion, winter fashion is the best! Some of fall fashion is good too, but nothing compared to winter. I’m in Utah right now so I know all about that 30 degrees. We just recently got snow so it’s definitely time to pull out the hoodies and jackets.


    14. Nagashiko says:

      Luuuurve it. . . especially the long, wool, pea coat. I think winter fashion is really awesome. Too bad we don’t have winter on this side of the world. =(


    15. Cecilie says:

      Love the coat. It looks very pretty:) I love to wear coats, and huge warm and comfy sweaters. Winter is great<3


    16. Britney says:

      I used to hate uggs, but after all these years, they’re starting to grow on me. I wouldn’t mind having a pair for days when it’s snowing outside. My sneakers just don’t cut it. :P


    17. Adorable! Really perfect moment,That looks really good and yesss, I agree that would be good with some applesauce!Thank you for sharing this to us! It sounds like an amazing & beautiful race (kinda wish I’d run it, too). Glad the weather held for you.


    18. Jessa says:

      I find your list of winter-must-haves amusing because I swear by my UGG boots, I almost purchased a North Face fleece, and I just purchased a wool peacoat! We have some nice taste in clothes. ;}


    19. brandy says:

      ive always wanted a north face fleece. I just didnt know if it was really worth the money. but everyone keeps saying it is. I think i may break down and buy one. love your purchases. very cute!


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