Beautisol Sunless Self-Tanning

I love care packages!!

I love care packages!!

The other day I was lucky enough to open up my mailbox and see a package from iFabbo and Beautisol! A while back, Tashina‘s post about vegan self-tanning peaked my interest about the brand. So, when I was able to see it in my shop over at iFabbo, I knew I had to try the stuff out for myself. I have a history with self-tanner. I’ve bee orange and yellow, I’ve reeked of DHA, and I’ve even spent time in the tanning beds. Shame on me!

So, after opening this package I was stoked. My experience was positive and this product works for anyone who wants a subtle and natural looking glow, in my opinion. This is NOT for a drastic change in your skin tone. Upon opening my package I disregarded the importance of the mitt. Use your mitt because this product will stain your hands. When you first pump out the tanning mousse it resembles a very greenish brown woodsy color. Think pine trees. It also smells amazing. It’s got Rooibos Tea extract and Green Tea extract so my skin felt really rejuvenated all day long. I used it once BEFORE SHAVING, and once again AFTER SHAVING to see if there was any difference in color. For me, I had the same subtle glow that made me look sun-kissed rather than sun-tanned which, now in my mid 20s, I prefer.

Another plus? Application and dry time are both super quick! I’m a teacher and I have a limited amount of time to get all of my stuff done before I go to work. However, as a teacher you can’t really go into the classroom looking unkempt. I applied to my arms and legs according to the provided guide, and literally in less than two minutes I had my dress pants and blouse on without any transfer of color. It’s convenient and easy to apply and the mousse feels cool and gentle on freshly shaven legs. No burning, and no irritation for me! Looks like I can add another amazing self-tanner to my repertoire now!

Want to try it? Beautisol is offering a 20% product discount for my readers by entering the code ifabboglow at checkout. How sweet it is!


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3 thoughts on “Beautisol Sunless Self-Tanning

  1. My sister Chantel is huge into going to the tanning beds. I’m not a big fan of it and personally think when she gets older she is going to look like a worn out leather couch. My other sister Victoria like me is very fair skinned and her and I can’t tan to save our lives. Victoria though likes using the spray tans or rub on ones. She used them during prom and she kind’ve looks like a Dorito in the pictures. Oh well. I’ve learned to accept my pale skin Lol the tea extracts in that sound nice though, I love using products with natural elements instead of all chemicals!

  2. Very nice! Thanks for sharing :)

    I really need to get into purchasing and reviewing products. I’m not much of a tanner since I am already browned skin but I do like the “beauty” scene and environment.

    Have a great week!

  3. Personally I don’t want to look tanned. I never tan and never use fake tan products. I’m more into the 16th century noble lady / vampire look. :D

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