Balance, Summer, and new Projects

It’s been some time since I sat down to write for myself! I still consider myself a newbie teacher (I’ve been in the game for two years now), so I tend to over-estimate how much time I actually have during the months of April and May for “Christine time.” Unfortunately, it’s not much. Between grading, wrapping up my own research, and, of course, working at my other jobs, the grading period and crunch time that occurs at the end of the year pretty much allows for work, work, and more work. Now that grades have been submitted and the summer will only consist of Social Media Management, newspaper editing, and after school programs (anyone who says teachers have it easy can think again–most of us don’t sit on our butts all summer), Keith and I have focused on our next big project in life: buying a home.

More specifically than just buying a home, we wanted to do it on our own, without a Realtor. We answered the question multiple times when we went to home showings and open houses, and the answer was simply, “Because we know we can.” The second reason? Because we had the time. We don’t have children and summer opens up a little more time for me, so calling Realtors didn’t disrupt our schedules. Some people called us back, some people were rude when they did, and some people ignored us completely. We didn’t let it get us down and we kept searching. What am I leading up to?

We’re currently in a contract for our first home! We just need to wait for the bank. Our down payment and deposit has been put down, our inspection is set up, and our appraisal payment is being held in escrow while we wait for the inspection to be completed. We have an amazing attorney who helped us every step of the way (he’s in the family, too) and we have a pretty cool loan officer who knows his stuff and advocates for us. So, now we wait. Our tentative closing date is in July, so hopefully we can move everything in and be somewhat settled before work starts again. It’s all very exciting and nerve wracking. What the bank changes their mind? What if…the list goes on, but I’m trying to focus on the now, which is something that I find challenging to do as it is!

So, how did we do it? We stayed home and quit smoking. Only two couples we are friends with live on their own, and they have only been doing it for a year or less! CT has such a high cost of living, and combined with the fact that we all went on to pursue advanced degrees, renting was never an option. So, we stopped smoking, stayed home, and made sure to keep our credit clean, and within 10 months of saving voraciously, here we are. Let’s hope it all works out! And of course, if you recently bought a home, or are in the process, tell me about it!

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One thought on “Balance, Summer, and new Projects

  1. Well, it’s certainly great to see you back and making a blog here and there. I totally understand how life can get with busy-ness and all that jazz, I can’t always sit down and make a blog for myself all the time either. CT sounds like it would have a higher cost for living, it sounds a lot like MA in that way. RI isn’t actually that bad, depending on where you go. We lucked out living on our own in Pawtucket, it’s a nice neighborhood – VERY quiet (and very lucky on that note to have this!) – and the rent is cheap for a two bedroom apartment.

    I wish you and Keith the best of luck getting the house you guys are buying! :) I’m excited for the both of you, I would love my own house, but an apartment will do just fine, too.

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