I know a lot of you own pets, or if you don’t own pets I don’t think I’ve known anyone who reads my site regularly to absolutely hate animals. And honestly, how could you? They’re so darn cute!

Either way, I had an absolutely horrible dream the other night that all of a sudden we were letting my cat go outside (which we never do, she’s 150% indoors only), and I was yelling at my parents because we just never let her out. Apparently, my Dad had “video proof” that the cat loved it outside, so my Mom agreed. I was so pissed, so I went outside to have a cigarette and Socks an after me, out the door, and into the street (in my dream we lived on a main road). She dodged one car, but a white truck came and hit her. I started screaming and the driver stopped while I was flagging him down screaming at him and freaking out. THEN I WOKE UP.

It was so vivid, and I literally could not get back to sleep. The realities of my life calmed me a bit. 1) My Dad has no idea how to work a video camera, 2) We never let Socks out, 3) We don’t live on a main road. I grabbed Socks and sat with her for a while. It was so upsetting. I love animals in general, but I especially love my cat. Although I knew something still wasn’t right, so the day trudges on…

At Keith’s job, there is a host of cats which live in the woods. A woman comes to feed them once a week and buys little homes for them to live in. I went to bring him some smokes for work and we were standing out back. There was a guy driving an ATV through the wooded area and I just bugged and yelled, “Get the fuck out of there! You hurt a cat and I’ll kill you.” Needless to say, there was no more ATV after I did that. Keith was not happy about me yelling like that near his job, but oh well.

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF…we get to Keith’s house at night, and a tiny cat (new to the neighborhood), was limping, his foot looked destroyed, and the hair on his back was up on end. He laid on Keith’s porch and I tried to get him to come to me so I could see what was wrong/try to help/call someone and he limped away. Leaving me feeling like I caused the cat more pain, and thinking he probably went to die alone somewhere. He even had a collar on.

Anyone who loves animals as much as I do, I’m sure would find it heartbreaking. People should keep their small animals, cats included, inside. I’m sorry but some of them are too small and to be out. =