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All that glitters is GOLD!

One thing I’m noticing about the early fall fashion is GOLD! Gold accessories, gold beauty products and more. Although I’m more of a platinum fan myself (take note of that Keith! :) ), I think some of the gold trends coming out are too cute to pass up.

Incorporating some gold into your wardrobe doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Try a pair of gold flats paired with skinnies. Not sure how to rock the skinnies and flats? Ask J, who in my opinion is the queen of skinny jeans. A cute pair of gold flats can dress up your jeans, or add a splash of color to your work wardrobe. I’d especially love them with an all black outfit, which is what I tend to wear to the high schools when I observe. Also, a gold clutch can add some spunk to a simple cocktail dress without being too “in your face.” I loved this style which you can find at Target. Style without breaking the bank? LOVE IT!

Finally, as a self-proclaimed scarf-a-holic, adding some golden touches to my fall wardrobe sounds great. The metallic colors look great and can perk you up on those drab fall mornings, not to mention keep you toasty! Again, if you purchase a light-weight scarf, which I’m still seeing around campus, it can be a nice accessory for a dinner out with your guy, or drinks with the girls. Scarves, in my opinion are an effortless way to dress up, and spice up an outfit.

I saved the best, in my opinion, for last. I’m always on the lookout for new beauty products, and what do you know? MORE GOLD! Lush’s Golden Slumber Bath Bomb packs a punch of Chamomile and Lavender to relax you after a long day at work, or to help you relax with a before bedtime bath. Sounds good to me, especially with cool weather right around the corner. And to top off your golden bath, why not try Kings & Queens Honey Bath Gel? You can order it on Nordstrom’s website. This is a grown up honey scent, which leaves skin silky smooth, and it’s paraben and mineral oil free.

There’s nothing worse than seeing your nails fade off into the distance. They may be small, but you can’t forget those digits! MAC has a shimmery gold nail polish. With all of this golden beauty and fashion opportunities (corny, I know!), you can’t go wrong!

  1. 1. Thanks so much for the shoutout!

    2. I used to only wear silver & thought that the color gold was OMG trashy, but now I swear by gold. I think olive-skinned girls actually look better in gold than platinum. You definitely should try it out. Also, I want those gold shoes!

    3. You totally got “All that glitters is gold… Only shooting stars break the mold” playin over in my head.

  2. oooh wonderful! i absolutely love all the gold and bronze shades!

  3. That was a very informative blog on how to be fashionable. The color that is most prominent here this season is purple. I’m not really a fan of purple but the shade that is out there appealed to me enough to buy a sweater.

  4. golds an awesome color. i love gold eyeshadows theyre the best, but overall gold is a nice fall color. it brings a nice pop to an outfit or face.

  5. I am in love with the new gold trend going on. Like J, I used to think gold was “OMG trashy” too, haha. I swore by silver/platinum and white gold jewelery. But it’s growing on me. Still loving silver too of course. Purple is huge this season too and I am loving that new trend too. I have a wonderful purple purse and purple scarf. Gold flip flops. Definitely looking forward to grabbing a gold scarf and maybe a couple flats, plus I REALLY want a gold purse. Then my collection will be complete :P

  6. I love wearing gold shoes <3 Oh I want to go buy some new ones now lol

  7. I’m not fond of having any sort of gold clothing or accessories in my wardrobe. I guess I don’t fancy the color. I do have a few pieces of gold jewelry though.

  8. I used to only like silver, but now I’m liking a lot of the gold stuff – I’d like to get a necklace!

  9. I’m not really a fan of gold for myself, mainly due to the fact I don’t like wearing colours that make me stand out too much. I’m more of a fan of purples, blacks, blues and reds. Which I know is a bit boring lol.

    I do think that gold looks really nice on others though, I saw a girl with a really nice gold headband and gold sparkly shoes today :)

  10. I don’t think that I would ever wear gold clothes, but I think that gold accessories look great.
    I love Lush products so much, but the prices seemed to have gone up so much here recently. Oh, well they are worth it :)


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