A Must-Have Beauty Accessory: The Compact Mirror

As I got older and started networking more often for work, I found that the most important beauty accessory I could have in my purse, pocket, or clutch are compact mirrors from design-glassware.com. Versatile and space-friendly, having one of these lifesavers in your bag may be even more important than your favorite red lipstick (not to mention it will help you apply it flawlessly–who can argue with that benefit?)

Being the style and accessory fan that I am, I’ve found that the Mont Bleu mirrors make a perfect fit for any beauty junkie and fashionista looking for a sweet and smart twist on the regular old pocket mirror. What makes these little dandies unique are the stunning and sparkling Swarovski crystals that complement the metallic finish of each mirror.

Mont Bleu and design-glassware.com offer beautiful mirrors that are as practical as they are stunning. For me, carrying a small mirror in my purse or school bag always gave me the extra confidence I needed before walking into an important meeting or conference. Don’t fret about having spinach in your teeth or a smear of eyeliner on your face–with a handy pocket mirror at your fingertips that worry can be forgotten.

So, practical and pretty make the grade for me, but I also don’t believe in breaking the bank for gorgeous, eye-catching accessories. If you have a more frugal budget, Mont Bleu offers style choices for as low as $20.00. Fashion forward and budget friendly accessories often make the best conversation pieces! Because compact mirrors can be so affordable they make a great “me-gift” for you, your best friend, or for another lady in your life. With Valentine’s Day coming up next month, make someone smile with a beautifully crafted mirror with colorful, sparkling, Swarovski crystals that are sure to dazzle her every day.

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One thought on “A Must-Have Beauty Accessory: The Compact Mirror

  1. nice review :) indeed, pocket mirrors are a girl best friend! i once forgot to bring my pocket mirror and tried to use my phone as a substitute but it just was not the same! :O hope you had a happy new year!

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