Fall Trend: PLAID!

I’m seeing plaid everywhere, in magazines, and on the streets. I can still remember wearing my plaid pants in high school complete with punk band buttons (which have since been moved from clothes to cork boards). Plaid was once reserved for the 77 punk movement, and for school marms, but there’s plenty of ways to make this fall trend work for you.

A plaid pencil skirt paired with a solid fitted top makes plaid look sexy and professional. Perfect for the workplace, and cute enough to go out for dinner with your guy. A plaid jacket can pull together a casual look with a pair of jeans and boots, or can be paired with a solid skirt or pant for a different work look. This jacket and skirt coordinate set from Target is cheap, fashionable, and cute! Breaking up the plaid and complimenting it with a solid color makes it less school marmish, and more 2008!

If trying a large piece of plaid is intimidating to you, try an accessory first. A plaid purse makes a nice addition to an outfit while a plaid belt adds a subtle edgyness to your outfit without being too overbearing. Plaid accessories are everywhere, and whether it’s Burberry or Walmart, there’s plenty of ways accent your outfits. I personally think having cute plaid socks are a great accessory even if no one gets to see them.

Have I convinced you yet? Plaid is back and in a big way! Still too scared to try out something plaid? Wear it under everything else! The plaid boy-short style undies are ADORABLE. If you’re not totally sold on plaid, no one says you can embrace this trend with your skivvies. And guys, be honest, you know plaid undies are hot!

All that glitters is GOLD!

One thing I’m noticing about the early fall fashion is GOLD! Gold accessories, gold beauty products and more. Although I’m more of a platinum fan myself (take note of that Keith! :) ), I think some of the gold trends coming out are too cute to pass up.

Incorporating some gold into your wardrobe doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Try a pair of gold flats paired with skinnies. Not sure how to rock the skinnies and flats? Ask J, who in my opinion is the queen of skinny jeans. A cute pair of gold flats can dress up your jeans, or add a splash of color to your work wardrobe. I’d especially love them with an all black outfit, which is what I tend to wear to the high schools when I observe. Also, a gold clutch can add some spunk to a simple cocktail dress without being too “in your face.” I loved this style which you can find at Target. Style without breaking the bank? LOVE IT!

Finally, as a self-proclaimed scarf-a-holic, adding some golden touches to my fall wardrobe sounds great. The metallic colors look great and can perk you up on those drab fall mornings, not to mention keep you toasty! Again, if you purchase a light-weight scarf, which I’m still seeing around campus, it can be a nice accessory for a dinner out with your guy, or drinks with the girls. Scarves, in my opinion are an effortless way to dress up, and spice up an outfit.

I saved the best, in my opinion, for last. I’m always on the lookout for new beauty products, and what do you know? MORE GOLD! Lush‘s Golden Slumber Bath Bomb packs a punch of Chamomile and Lavender to relax you after a long day at work, or to help you relax with a before bedtime bath. Sounds good to me, especially with cool weather right around the corner. And to top off your golden bath, why not try Kings & Queens Honey Bath Gel? You can order it on Nordstrom‘s website. This is a grown up honey scent, which leaves skin silky smooth, and it’s paraben and mineral oil free.

There’s nothing worse than seeing your nails fade off into the distance. They may be small, but you can’t forget those digits! MAC has a shimmery gold nail polish. With all of this golden beauty and fashion opportunities (corny, I know!), you can’t go wrong!

Back to School: Smart Snacking

For many of us, it’s that time of the year where we begin running around like maniacs handing in assignments and going to classes. Being a college student there’s more than enough temptation on my school’s campus, and with all the snacks it can be hard to be good. While schools are offering fare such as salads, fresh made wraps, and at my school, sushi, it can still be hard to make smart meal choices. (And sometimes to remember to eat at all!) Keeping your body fueled with good foods is an essential part of everyday life, but is even more important when you’re back to school. I love healthy foods that make me feel energized, and I also love having handy snacks that don’t pack on the pounds. Here’s some tips to make the most of what you’re eating during this busy time of the year.

Do eat a good breakfast. I cannot stress this enough. Eating breakfast before class helps you stay full, and kicks up your metabolism for the day, meaning you’ll burn more fat during your walks to class, and even sitting in class! I love to eat cereal, and on the cool mornings a bowl of oatmeal with fruit. I love the new Kellog’s Smart Start Strawberry Oat Bites. They pack 6g of dietary fiber and antioxidants which are important to keep your immunities up during the fall and winter weather change.

Do you have a long class schedule where you’ll be on campus all day? If you don’t have enough time to eat a full meal bringing healthy snacks like veggies, nuts, or bars are a big help. I love 100 Calories packs because they allow you to have a sweet treat with a controlled portion.

Bring your drinks with you! It will make your wallet and your body happy. I love Wyler’s mix-ins, and Crystal light on the go mix-ins for bottled water. Brewing a cup of tea, or coffee and taking it with you will curb the urge to go to Starbuck’s and perhaps get tempted by the other sweet goodies in the bakery case. I try to brew my own tea to bring to school so I’m not shelling out money for tea at a coffee shop which saves me money when I want a nice sweet drink instead.

By taking the extra time to make your own snacks and drinks to bring to school, or even work, it’s amazing how much money you can save, and how many calories you won’t have to spend. That way when you want to you can still indulge every now and then.

Scoring Freebies At The Mall

I can still remember Marsadie’s article on how to score freebies and samples from department store makeup counters. The article was great, and it was interesting to read. I never knew, before reading her article, that it was possible to score freebies and samples, which only benefits fellow beauty junkies like myself.

While back to school shopping I decided to stop in Sephora to redeem by birthday gift for being a Beauty Insider. Sephora’s beauty insider program is a rewards system in which you earn points for your purchases. I knew that you get a free birthday gift, but I didn’t know I would walk out of the store with two freebies!

The birthday gift was a bubble bath/shower gel: Vanilla Cupcake. It has hints of toasted almond, honey, and buttermilk as well. There’s a bit of sparkle in the gel which left my skin feeling great and smelling great. I love products with Almond Oil (I rave about my Creme Ribbons by Olay!), and vanilla is such a light and delicious scent without being overpowering. The bottle even says, “Happy Birthday Beautiful!”

I also received a sample sized Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation with a cute little application brush. I haven’t tried the product yet, but the sample size fits nicely in my cosmetic bag (also a freebie), and would be great to keep on me for face touch ups at school. Has anyone used Bare Minerals before? I’d love to hear some opinions. I haven’t heard anything negative from fellow bloggers, but I’d love to learn some more, especially with the mineral makeup trend at full height.

Finally, I scored a freebie at Victoria’s Secret as well. With any PINK purchase you receive a free cosmetic bag in either pink, green, or blue. If you’re a Glamour reader check your pages, as the coupon comes in September’s issue! I chose pink and can’t wait to fill it for school in two weeks.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Collegiate Collection

Victoria’s Secret never fails to amaze me with their new designs each season. With the back to school season upon us, The PINK Collection has come out with something new and exciting for college students: The Collegiate Collection. They’re the signature sweats and tees you’ve come to know and love avaliable with logos from over 20 colleges across the United States.

Since I hail from the East Coast, pictured are some of the selections offered for Boston College students. The collection includes hoodies, sweatpants, and school book bags.

I’m especially fond of the Boston College canvas bookbag which can be used to tote books back and forth and for Eco Friendly College Shopping. It’s large enough to use for a quick grocery run, without the waste of paper and plastic bags. Multi functional and fun? I think so!

As a big fan of the PINK collection, I have to say that are a bit pricey, with College hoodies ranging at about 50.00. You’re truly paying for the quality. Everything I own from the collection washes well, does not fade, and truly fits you well. The sizes run a bit big, so if you’re a Medium usually, you can easily wear a Small in their signature sweatpants. I know a lot of people who think it’s ridiculous to spend so much money on such casual pieces, but a hoodie can easily be paired with jeans and a nice pair of boots or shoes when going out for dinner.

Back to school shopping is always fun to do, but Victoria’s Secret is making it even more fun by providing shoppers with some early school spirit. And if you’re college isn’t on the list? You can submit a request for it to be added to the list. Maybe I’ll be sporting some SCSU PINK pants this semester?

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