My Beach Essentials

I leave for Rhode Island on Saturday for a week of vacation with Keith and my family. My Aunt gets a house right on the water (we go to the same one each year), and it’s absolutely beautiful. Being away for a week means extra packing, and making sure that I pack the right things. When you go to the beach for a week, or on any summery vacation for a week here are some of my essentials besides a week’s worth of clothes and regular purse essentials (like wallet and cellphone).

More than one bathing suit: In my opinion, there’s bathing suits for laying out, and then there’s bathing suits for swimming. A string bikini just simply can’t withstand big waves and boogie boarding. I always bring more than one. If you’re a two piece girl, try getting one with thicker straps so there’s no risk losing your bottom or top when you get crashed with a wave. I’ll be wearing a bikini this summer (but bringing one of my sexy VS short tankinis for boogie boarding).

SPF: You can still get tan while protecting your skin. Hawaiian Tropic makes a great tanning lotion with an SPF of 6 for sun worshipers, but you can also invest in a spray on sunscreen which I absolutely love. It’s light and does the job, and trust me, YOU WILL GET TAN!

Easy makeup/hair care: I pack light for the beach with my makeup and haircare. If you have longer curly hair like me bring a widetooth comb to get tangles out. And a plus! The saltwater and sun will give you natural high lights and beachy looking waves. Who said mother nature can’t help you out? As for makeup, I also pack light. I’ll have my bronzer to sweep on lightly, lip gloss, and mascara. Easy makeup for an easy vacation. Plus you don’t have to worry about eyeliner smudges and foundation meltdown. Getting tan means you can get away with less makeup, and also helps to clear your skin.

Swim coverup’s that double as dresses: It’s simple as that, go from the beach to the bar in minutes. Victoria’s Secret has amazing summer dresses that are cute and fun. Check out the PINK line. I picked up a navy blue dress which I hope to be wearing out when we hit the beach bars.

What are some of your beach essentials? Or vacation essentials?

I love my new DB bag <3

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday so we hit the outlets. The weather was lovely and we had a great day together. We each got Dooney & Bourke bags. She got a matching one in black and brown and they were 60% off which is amazing. I’ve needed a big black purse. My school bags are way too big for every day and my black Juicy is just too small sometimes too. I’m absolutely in love with my new bag!

We had a great time and I took her out for a wrap for lunch afterwards. It was a nice Friday the 13th if you ask me.

We also checked out the Juicy outlet, which I thought I’d be able to spend a load of money in. They’re just opened, and there were tons of t-shirts, hoodies, and everything. I just didn’t find anything that caught my eye. I was in the market for a purse and I found the perfect one that I was looking for.

Product Review: Diva Dryer Facial Mitt

In my Easter basket my Mom put a Diva Mitt, which I has never seen before in my life. A company named Aquis specializes in face, body, and hair towels that dry you off with special microfibers which are easier on the skin. I’ve been using my Diva Mitt for a while now and wanted to keep using it before I reviews it. I’m absolutely in love!

I use this product whenever I wash my face outside of the shower, so mostly during the day if I need to reapply makeup or on a very hot day, or at night before I go to sleep. The Diva Mitt is targeted for teens, but I still use it. It exfoliates your skin gently while cleaning. After using it my skin feels smooth and soft without the use of a toner afterwards. My skin has been clearer, smoother, and feels healthy and has a glow after I use my mitt to wash and rinse my face. I literally get sad when it’s in the wash, haha.

You can find them on the website or at CVS or Walgreens. I absolutely love my Diva Mitt, and feel 100% confident recommending it to you ladies (or gentlemen)!

Edit: Join plurk, which is the new social networking. Like Twitter, but on a timeline. Tons of fun!!

An animal lovers day…

I know a lot of you own pets, or if you don’t own pets I don’t think I’ve known anyone who reads my site regularly to absolutely hate animals. And honestly, how could you? They’re so darn cute!

Either way, I had an absolutely horrible dream the other night that all of a sudden we were letting my cat go outside (which we never do, she’s 150% indoors only), and I was yelling at my parents because we just never let her out. Apparently, my Dad had “video proof” that the cat loved it outside, so my Mom agreed. I was so pissed, so I went outside to have a cigarette and Socks an after me, out the door, and into the street (in my dream we lived on a main road). She dodged one car, but a white truck came and hit her. I started screaming and the driver stopped while I was flagging him down screaming at him and freaking out. THEN I WOKE UP.

It was so vivid, and I literally could not get back to sleep. The realities of my life calmed me a bit. 1) My Dad has no idea how to work a video camera, 2) We never let Socks out, 3) We don’t live on a main road. I grabbed Socks and sat with her for a while. It was so upsetting. I love animals in general, but I especially love my cat. Although I knew something still wasn’t right, so the day trudges on…

At Keith’s job, there is a host of cats which live in the woods. A woman comes to feed them once a week and buys little homes for them to live in. I went to bring him some smokes for work and we were standing out back. There was a guy driving an ATV through the wooded area and I just bugged and yelled, “Get the fuck out of there! You hurt a cat and I’ll kill you.” Needless to say, there was no more ATV after I did that. Keith was not happy about me yelling like that near his job, but oh well.

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF…we get to Keith’s house at night, and a tiny cat (new to the neighborhood), was limping, his foot looked destroyed, and the hair on his back was up on end. He laid on Keith’s porch and I tried to get him to come to me so I could see what was wrong/try to help/call someone and he limped away. Leaving me feeling like I caused the cat more pain, and thinking he probably went to die alone somewhere. He even had a collar on.

Anyone who loves animals as much as I do, I’m sure would find it heartbreaking. People should keep their small animals, cats included, inside. I’m sorry but some of them are too small and to be out. =

Total Beauty & more?

Tashina blogged about Total, and I’m hooked. You can win prizes, but I’ve just been having fun reviewing and looking up new products. It’s a really fun site, and has some great beauty tips, product reviews, and blogs too!

I saw the most amazing movie today on Lifetime. It was called Engaged to Kill. Now, I know some people think Lifetime is a pile of television poo, but I absolutely love this channel. This movie kept me awake and riveted and that was with a warm fuzzy cat and a quilt on top of me. For some reason rainy days + a cold + lifetime + my cat = happiness. Add in some Wavy Lays and I’m good to go. I’ve been focusing on getting well and resting so I can have some fun tomorrow at the party tomorrow.

Remind me to bring my camera since I often fail at that. <333 Have a great weekend everybody!

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