We Survived a Bathroom Remodel!

If you really want to test your relationship, try tackling as many home improvement projects as possible within the first two years of owning your own home. Seriously. Paint almost every room, re-point the foundation in the basement, hand-pour a concrete pad for trash can storage, clear out the yard and revamp your gardens, rip the whole front off of your home and build a new porch, and while you’re at it: re-carpet the basement stairs. When you’re done? Remodel your second bathroom the month after your wedding. If you can handle this, I’m convinced you can handle almost anything relationship-wise. I’m not really sure why we did all of this at once. Maybe we’re a bit unhinged, but we like getting things done. Our next big project for our 1925 Colonial is a new fence, but that can wait for a little bit. 

Because I’m a beauty junkie, bathrooms are important. We have a half bath on the main floor that company uses, but our full bath on the second floor with our bedrooms needed a major update. We have an original clawfoot tub with traditional fittings, so we wanted to make sure that our remodel brought it to 2015 without losing the 1925 charm ala Nicole Curtis (my inspiration and Keith’s lady crush). Here’s where I used to do my blogging research: 



Our bathroom was dated. We tried making it more modern with a funky curtain and some nice fuzzy accents, but it really didn’t jive for us. That nasty green and horrific peel and stick tile from the families before us cheapened our whole design.

But…here is where I do my blogging research now!




We re-did the floor to have our dark hardwood match throughout. We kept the retro look of the 1920s with some funky wainscoting paneling, retro hardware and pedestal sink and added our own touches with our snazzy purple and a badass deer head (chrome). The mature, yet hipster, shower curtain came from my bestie, Lea. The best part? My clawfoot tub has been repainted and I can actually see myself in the bathroom mirror.

Will we tackle more projects? You bet! But first? I should probably take a selfie! 


That New Year’s Blog Post: 2015 Style

I think the idea of 2015 hit me when my students said to me…”so 15 years ago you were in 8th grade like us? DANG, MISS! Did you have Internet?” Seriously? I explained that we had a modem that used the phone to connect and that you couldn’t be on the phone at the same time. They stared at me with sympathy and concern. If I think back to 15 years ago, I try and remember how I even viewed a new year. Probably the same as I do now, a chance to start fresh and get recharged and a chance to try new things! So, here’s what I’ll be doing this 2015. Maybe you’ll add some of my tools to your new year arsenal? 


What’s in your toolkit?

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory. The weird white stuff? Yep. It’s Tofu…and I’m going to create a recipe that I like once and for all. I’m also going to use my Thug Kitchen cookbook to help me. I’ve tried some recipes, but I’m just not in love with Tofu. I’m convinced that 2015 is going to be the year I cook a Tofu dish that doesn’t make me want to cry. Another note about my new favorite cookbook? I purchased it this year to add to my cookbook collection and this one is hysterical. I love profanity and plant-based cooking, so if you’re into that…you’ll need this book in 2015. Here’s a screenshot from one of their pages to give you a taste (no pun intended).

LULZ and NOMZ. This screenshot is tame.

Next up? I’m re-reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s “ING“. I want to compare my 2014 ING to my 2015 ING. This is kind of a self-reflective/meditation based thing I’ve been curious about. So, we’ll see how that goes. I’ll also be coupling my Yoga practice in with my journaling and re-readings. I’m hoping to see more positive change and growth since 2014. I also hope to get on my mat and to my classes more often. I’m going to try and make some time for my mind this year.

You might be wondering who Savvy Boheme is and why they’re in my 2015 toolkit. Because…if you’re NOT rubbing their Tall Americano vegan body oil all over your sexy self after a shower or bath you’re not living. All of their oils are great, but I’m a coffee girl at heart. I’ve reviewed this oil a while back, but their products need another mention. I’ve been obsessed with body and facial oils so I’m making that a real regimen come 2015. My skin looks and feels amazing! PSA: Oily skinned girls need body and facial oil. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!

Still throwing deuces, still wearing scarves 24/7, still battling big hair. Happy 2015, ya'll!

Still throwing deuces, still wearing scarves 24/7, still battling big hair. Happy 2015, ya’ll!

Peace out, 2014. You were pretty darn good! Started a new job, got myself hitched, and had an all-around great time! It’ll be hard getting used to not celebrating 24/7, but some normalcy will be nice, too.

Things I’m Loving: Thanksgiving Edition

It’s that time of the year! Thanksgiving is almost upon us here in the states, and I’m ready to relax, kick back, and enjoy some family (and shopping) time. There’s lots to love during the October, November, and December months and I figured what better time to start than now? Here’s what I’m loving this month: 

I’m a tad bit late on this since we went to a lot of farmer’s markets and flea markets before we got hitched in October. We scoured the markets for old books for our centerpieces, and we also found some amazing cruelty free soap artisans who are both practically in our backyard.  

The colors of her soaps are all so unique!

The colors of her soaps are all so unique!

First up was Handcrafted by Virginia, a local soap artisan out of Middletown, CT. We purchased her Cotton Candy soap and had a blast chatting her up. You can find her shop on Etsy and browse through her amazing soaps and creations. She also donates 15% of her Etsy profits to organizations that help those affected by Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Juvenile Diabetes. I love her “giving back” philosophy and her cruelty free, sustainable ingredients. 

It might be possible that I want all of these!

It might be possible that I want all of these!

We stopped next at Lovely Lathers, based out of Wallingford, CT. You can check them out on Facebook. We purchased their pumpkin spice soap (how appropro) and a “manly” scented clean soap for Keith to enjoy. I’m obsessed with having these amazingly creative ladies so close to home. Who knew I could snag some amazing cruelty free (and some vegan) soaps and skincare goodies? 

Give me all the apples!

The Thanksgiving season also gives me some time to have fun with recipes. I’m loving that I can take some time to experiment in the kitchen. For the months of August and September, when I’m in crazy teacher prep mode, I don’t spend as much time in the kitchen as I would like. This bad boy is a double crisp apple crisp. Yes, I doubled the crispiness. I’m out of control!

Pacifica is my jam, son!

Pacifica is my jam, son!

Finally, I’m a total groupie for anything Pacifica, especially their nail colors. I fell in love with this color, Red Red Wine, and rocked it for all of October and November. Even my students liked my “vampy” hue! Next on my list is their BB cream. :)

What are you loving this month? This season? This minute? I love reading about your favorite things! 

I’m All Wifed Up Now!

Two weeks ago, Keith and I finally made it official and we tied the knot after 11 years of being together. Here’s an action shot: 

I have to say, we had a blast! We’re taking a honeymoon later in the winter so we took a few days off before and after the wedding to stay up at the casino and to relax. It was like a pre-honeymoon of sorts. The venue and church were perfect, my dress was perfect (I might be biased), and my dinner was perfect. We made sure to eat, we made sure to get to every table and say thank you, and we made sure to dance and have fun. 

I was strong going down the aisle, but when it came time to do our father and daughter dance, I got a little emo. We danced to “Daddy’s Little Girl” by The Mills Brothers. It’s a great oldie. Keith and I danced to “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine show, grinning and singing the whole time. The whole night was P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I wouldn’t have changed a thing except to make the whole event longer. :) 

Later on, we took a bathroom selfie at the casino because…why not? That bathroom was probably one of the fanciest bathrooms ever. It even had a phone in the toilet room. 😛 

And if you were wondering, yes, my bridal makeup was done by yours truly and is all cruelty free and/or vegan. :) Happy two weeks to Keith and I! 



Leibster Award Nomination

Fancy, no?

One of the many reasons that I blog is to connect with others. I love reading about other beauty, health, and food fanatics. I learn so much from my fellow bloggers and many of them have had quite an impact on me in various ways. The blogosphere, and the lifestyle bloggers I’ve come to know, is such a unique community! With that being said, Sammy of Autumn Star nominated me for a Leibster Award which includes answering these quirky questions. Hope you all enjoy getting to know the girl behind the cruelty free makeup mask! :)

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Without a doubt San Francisco. I’ve been there five times and the next time I go, I plan on staying. 

2. If you play video games, which one(s) are your favorite(s)? I actually don’t play video games at all. Unless you count QuizUp for the iPhone. I am not a gamer by any means and actually damaged Keith’s stats by playing around on his Call of Duty game. Oops!

3. If you could be in the place of any video game character, who would it be? Why? I’m just going to change this to movie character and say Hermione Granger. 

4. What is one of your favorite hobbies and how long have you kept at it? I am an avid Yogini and have been practicing hot Vinyasa for over two years now. I also practice at home and meditate each day. I began meditation and Yoga when I quit smoking and never looked back. 

5. Have you ever met any of your online friends? Yes! I’ve met four of my online friends! There are still more I’d love to meet though. 

6. What year did you start your blog? Or did you have another blog previous to the one you have currently? I used to have a domain called rainbow-socks.org when I was in high school. It was more or less like a LiveJournal full of angst and anti-government propaganda that lacked logic and poise. 

7. What is your favorite thing about blogging? I love learning new things. I’m a teacher, and with each blog I read I learn something different about people, products, and more. 

8. What is the first thing you notice when you step outside on a beautiful day? The temperature. I live near the water, so the ocean breeze is always present. 

9. What is your favorite season or holiday? As an East Coast girl, I love Autumn…but my favorite holiday is Christmas. 

10. Do you have any fur babies/other pet(s)? If so, what type are they and what are their names? Does my parents’ cat count? One day we’ll get our own!

11. What are you currently reading? Do you enjoy comic books? I’m not a comic book fan. I’m a stuffy English teacher, remember? Seriously though, I love girly fiction for the summertime. I’m currently re-reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s “Adding More ING to Your Life” and “The One and Only” by Emily Giffin. 

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