Product Review: Firmoo Glasses

I started wearing specs when I was at the tender age of nine. It was 1996 and the larger your classes were (with thin barely there frames), the more stylish you looked. Times have changed, huh? I went from giant round glasses, to almond shaped black wire frames, to the thick black rimmed style I have now. Recently, Firmoo contacted me and I received the opportunity to check out some of their amazing styles. I love thick, square glasses, so when I saw all of the options Firmoo had, I was excited to start shopping. I’m not one to change up shapes, but I do love to change colors! So, I chose a simple shade of Burgundy since that still matches a lot of my style and colors I wear. 

photo 1

They came with a nice hard case (with a pretty cool world print on them) and with a soft cloth to clean the lenses. I love how the burgundy color is subtle but still adds a bit of character. My go-to black frames are me playing it safe whereas with these babies, I can step out of the box!

photo 2

Love the shape and the color!

 I wore them to work the other day to test them on the road. I love how they fit and how comfortable they are around my temples. Anyone who wears glasses knows that tightness around the sides = insta-headache. Not so with this style. It’s comfortable, secure, and flattering!

Firmoo was really great to order from since the website is so user-friendly and easy to navigate. Customer service was great and updated me each step of the way, too. Firmoo also offers prescription sunglasses which are just as reasonably priced and stylish. So, if you wear your glasses in the sun or in the shade, this website offers one stop shopping!

Best of all, when you spend $39.00 or more, you get free shipping with the code FREESHIP. 

Have you ever ordered glasses online? It sure beats waiting at the doctor’s office!

 Editor’s Note: The product(s) featured in this post were provided by a representative of the company named in this post for editorial consideration.  I was not in any other way compensated for this post. All reviews are 100% honest and of my own opinion.

Three Easy Summer Outfit Must-Haves

I’m so ready for summer even though I’m spending my summer working like a nut! Despite my packed schedule, I have still made time to host and attend some great parties and BBQs. This week we’re celebrating a lot since the beach is down the street and that’s where my town shoots off the fireworks. To stay cool while also looking stylish, I have a few key pieces that I rely on…paired with some awesome, basic accessories.

The Flowy Linen Pant


I became obsessed with Linen this spring. It’s airy, fun, and I love a good wide leg pant. These khakis are what I’ll be rocking when I host MY fourth of July picnic. Since I’ll be running around, I’ll add on a simple black flowy tank and comfy flats. But, because I like a whole, complete look, I’ll pile on one or two bangles and minimal makeup.

The Dress


When it comes to going to someone ELSE’s get together, I like to be a bit more casual. It probably seems strange, but I like to kick up the fashion notch a bit when I am running the show. This dress is perfect for being the relaxed (but ready to help, note the shoes) cookout guest. Its fun colors remind me of a sunset, and the pattern looks good on just about everyone. When I’m a guest I also like to bring a small, drama free bag and a good pair of shades. Who knows whether you’ll be outside or in?

The Shorts and Burnout Tee

This look has two feature pieces that I am OBSESSED with. I love a dark denim short and I love a burnout tee. It’s effortless and easy. If you’re not a dress girl, or you know that the crowd is much more casual, this look is key. I like the longer short for family parties or work functions. No matter what kind of legs you have, the daisy dukes need to stay home if you’re with a more reserved crowd. These shades are from my own collection and give a little bit of spice to the otherwise basic outfit. 

How many parties do you have coming up this weekend? What will you wear? 

Spring 2014 Color Obsessions

I am so obsessed with Spring colors it’s not even funny! Of course, my workday wardrobe often consists of greys, blacks, and dark purples. However, I’m working on expanding my color palette and am happy to report that color and teal are back for another round this season! Last season I purchased a neat coral cardigan and my Mom got me a great scarf to go with it. This year, I’m equally in love. Below, here are some of my favorite spring colors and pieces I’m currently scouting for.


I would wear all of this together on a Friday, I’m not even going to lie. The blazer (currently I am on the hunt for a pink blazer that I don’t have to sell my soul for), and shoes are the focal points and the bangles add a nice touch. I’d probably only wear two or three. I say this outfit is a perfect casual Friday get-up since Fridays usually mean jeans, but I could probably wear this anytime throughout the week, or maybe even on Easter!

Spring Obsessions

The next things on my list that I’m loving this Spring are cardigans and funky accessories. I’m all about bright, chunky bangles and nails to match. Yes, nails are an accessory in my eyes. I’m loving Button London in Trout Pout. It looks great on short, squared off nails and is also cruelty free and vegan. (Bonus!) I’m also looking for a sweet cocktail ring to wear out like this amazing teal one. Lately, it’s been brought to my attention that Old Navy has a sweet line of accessories. I might just have to check it out. What accessories are you loving for Spring?

Winter Teaching Outfits that Rock!

If you haven’t seen the Northeast on the news, we’re just getting through what the Weather Channel is calling an Arctic Vortex. Are you kidding me? Meanwhile, it’s supposed to be 50 degrees this coming Saturday. Guess I’ll open some windows and let the fresh air in? New England boasts some pretty wacky and unpredictable weather, but regardless, I’ll still have to get my classroom and look professional while doing it. Unless, of course, there’s a snow day! :) Dressing for sub-zero temps can be annoying and often bulky. I don’t do bulky. So without further ado, three tried (by me!) and trusted winter teaching outfits that keep you toasty without sacrificing your personal style. Cheers!

Teacher 1 Winter

I am an advocate for the sweater dress and leggings. How to make them school appropriate? Make them a Chino style legging. I have a great pair of eggplant Chino leggings by Hue that I adore. Chino leggings are thicker, warmer, and none of this is bulky. Pair with some black booties (I got mine at Target) and some simple bangles and earrings.

teacher winter 2

I’m obsessed with blazers because they can make anything look polished. I spoke about blazers in my last teacher outfit blog, but this time we’re focusing on corduroy blazers that will keep the heat in and the bulk out. Layer your blazer with a simple turtle neck sweater like the one above and pair with sleek dress pants and simple heels. Add a chunky bracelet (I love this one with the Eiffel Tower).

winter stuff

Stubborn? Want to wear cutesy clothes and not worry about layering or strategic planning? That’s fine. I have days like that, too. Here is my arsenal of winter fashion that looks amazing for the school, the nice restaurant, or just for wearing around your home when the heat is set too low. I bought a long peacoat like this years ago and I bring it out only for sub zero temps. Though it was pricey, it’s worth every penny. I also have mittens similar to these Kate Spades (mine are a budget friendly Hi and By set from Old Navy) and an infinity scarf from Old Navy as well. My Clarks boots (I love, love, love, Clarks) keep my feet warm and toasty since Uggs really don’t jive well in the classroom.

Though I don’t have a “set in stone” dress code where I teach, many of teachers do! However, as I learned way back when while working in a school with teacher dress code, style doesn’t have to be sacrificed if you know where to place your style and how to weave it in. Stay toasty, my friends.

Summer 2013 Shorts List (It’s Short…)

Dressing for summer never really had much of an impact on me until I started teaching. Now, hanging around in a pair of shorts from Hollister is a much more appreciated privilege. I never wear shorts to work (I think it’s tacky even with tights…at least for my job), and I actually never used to wear shorts at all! This summer I’m excited about branching out from my regular old pieces and I’m looking at bold colors and prints. We’ll see if I actually go through with it. Here’s my very short shorts list:

Coral and gladiator?

I’m kind of obsessed with Coral. Like…really bad. I have a Coral purse, nail polish, pens, lip gloss, and I rocked a Coral dress to prom eight years ago BEFORE Coral was cool. I probably wouldn’t wear them this short, but I do love the color. I’d really like to try and rock something bright on top and on the bottom, but I’m too much of a wimp. The shoes are just for fun. I like a simple black sandal to balance out the brightness.

Black tank with plaid!


Next up…plaid! I have always been a fan of plaid. It might be my 1990s punk rock roots, but even in the winter, my plaid tweed pants are some of my favorite to wear to work (even though my students tell me they look like PJs. What do they know?) I paired this outfit with some simple bangles and basics. Perfect for a cookout, no?

I usually buy my shorts at least one size bigger. There’s nothing more that I hate than fabric that creeps places it should be on me or anyone else. That’s always been my philosophy. Do you wear shorts? What kinds do you like to wear?

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