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2009 Reflections

First and foremost, I hope that all of you fabulous pals of mine had a safe, happy, and fun New Year’s Eve and Day. Keith and I celebrated at his house with some friends and his family like we usually do. We drank some Busch Light (light, so it’s healthy–right?), some green, and some xbox. We continued the celebration into today when we came back to my house to have a nice dinner and dessert with my parents. I thought it would be fun to reflect back on good ole 2009, and what I’m looking forward to for 2010.

  • I finally began shoveling. Before this year I never picked up a shovel to clean up the driveway after a snowstorm. When my Dad hurt his knee in February I stepped up to the plate.
  • I made some amazing new friends. People who were in my classes, but I never really spoke to have become some great friends to me. I’m so glad that this year I actually talked to more people.
  • Keith and I attended three weddings, one of which we were both in, and started to realize that taking our sweet time on the engagement, wedding stress, and house buying is A-Ok!
  • Attended the sex museum and braved NYC without the guidance of my Dad who happens to know how to get EVERYWHERE! It was so fun to experience.
  • Said goodbye Keith’s dog, Royal. Keith’s golden retriever was one of my favorite dogs ever. In April he passed away due to cancer.
  • Learned how much work a puppy is–and how much of a cat person I am–when we babysat Brody, Keith’s new golden/chow pup for the first three days of him being home.
  • Realized that crying doesn’t mean you’re weak.
  • Learned from Kenny that “Showing No Weakness” is what you need to do, even if you want to crawl into a ball…and cry.
  • Kept off my 50 pounds that I lost–and have continued to reshape my lifestyle with health and fitness.
  • Realized that good people get screwed when the economy fails. Keith and I learned how to be frugal and still have fun when he was laid off. (He now has a new job!!!)
  • “Reinvented” (for lack of a better word) my relationship with God. It’s one of the most amazing things I have experienced.
  • Gave up shaving for 2 weeks ala Amanda Palmer, just to see what it was like. Liberating? YES! Doable for me? NOPE!

    And my goals for 2010 thus far:
    -Get a teaching job when I graduate in May.
    -Survive student teaching–and hopefully love it!
    -Work on my birthday notebook, so I can have everyone’s birthdays in order.
    -Write in my journal more often. No more 3 month lapses.
    -Continue filling my recipe box.
    -Write more letters.
    -Maintain my weight loss.
    -Spend time with family and friends.
    -Enjoy life, and try not to stress out as much as I do.

    What are some of your highlights of the year? What do you hope to accomplish? Here’s to a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2010!

    1. Looks like you accomplished a lotta things in 2009.

      Last year was a tough year for me coz I suffered a lot when my boyfriend and I broke up, and this was last year’s major highlight. It took a while before I met someone new. But at least I’m happy now with my new boyfriend.

      Hopefully this year would be a great year for all of us! =D

    2. Lol, sounds like an interesting year. Good luck with your goals for the year!

    3. We are the same, Ive also accomplished so much, hahaha.
      Hapyp holidays!

    4. Happy new year! Goodluck with your goals! :)

    5. Happy New Year:) Good luck with your goals for this year:) I am sure you can do it:)

    6. Great goals! I need to make a solid list but I’ve been lazy. I think I read somewhere on here that you go to SCSU in CT? So do I! English major, about 10 classes left to go.

    7. Hey Christine! I’m still alive – its been a while. I have a LOT of your posts to read and catch up on. Looks like 2009 was a great year for you! Best of luck in 2010 – those are amazing goals you’ve set :) xo

    8. I like that you’ve reinvented your life with God. That’s a great thing to have happen, and hopefully your life is all great now. :)

      “Realized that crying doesn’t mean you’re weak”…. hopefully you didn’t go through anything too difficult. But yeah, I agree with you. Weak people DON’T cry. it’s bad to not be able to display your emotions… or even have them.

    9. Wow you lost 50lbs AND kept it off… that’s great!! Happy new year girl… I hope 2010 would be awesome for you. =D

    10. I haven’t had many highlights in 2009 because for me it was kind of a really bad year, but I am hoping 2010 will be a whole lot better. Good luck with your goals for 2010, you can do it!

      Lady Impulse
    11. Nice reflections dear!

    12. OH I love this: “Realized that crying doesn’t mean you’re weak. “. Yeah, we should cry for sometimes to let go those emotions and burdens. OH that was sad, your dog passed away. I hope you can replace him a new one. I wonder what is sex museum? hmm..

      Hope you had an amazing 2010. Happy new year.

    13. Part of the reason I enjoy your blogs is that they are always uplifting. Kudos to you for keeping up with your healthy lifestyle. You look gorgeous, my dear :) I envy your connection with God. I have lost that connection recently and I am hoping to get it back.

      I know your goals are achievable, because you’re a strong woman :) You go girl!


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