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Gifts Under $20

It’s officially Christmas week. The holidays we have been waiting for are slowly creeping up on us. To me, it seems like Christmas is still weeks away because this is one of my favorite holidays of the year (and probably because all of my shopping & wrapping is done!), but for many the stress of finishing last minute gifts is setting in. So, for those of you who are still wondering what to get that special someone: here you go! Gifts that will make people smile for under 20 bucks!

For your chill married friends: Give your friends this awesome tea set for Christmas. Target offers you The Tea Spot Tea & Teacups Gift Set. At a modest price of only $19.99 it comes with two fancy mugs as well as two different types of tea; Meditative Mind Tea & Snowflakes Tea. If you want to bulk it up, you can add a tin of tea biscuits or pirouette cookies and make your own fancy gift basket for only a few dollars more.

For the beauty junkie who has “everything”: I’m a makeup junkie who people say has pretty much everything under the sun. But there is one thing I can never have enough of, and that is lip gloss. Give her the Sephora Brand Magic Lip Gloss Set. It comes with six glittery shades which are perfect for fancy holiday looks, and the colors are gorgeous. I especially like the Silver and Gold. It also comes with a cute lip gloss brush and is only $10.00. Also, with every Sephora order you are able to choose three free samples, they can be for you, or for that makeup addict on your list.

For your SO’s parents or in-laws: For me, shopping for Keith’s parents used to be scary. I never knew what to get them. Now I know a lot more about what they like, but if you’re celebrating Christmas with your SO’s parents for the first time, why not try a Harry & David Snackbox? I personally love H&D products, especially their amazing Moose Munch confection. This snack box comes packed with Cheddar Cheese, Sesame Toast, Smoked Sausage, Caramel Moose Munch, Mixed Nuts, and Honey Mustard. With all of the yummy snacks in this box, and for a price of only $19.95, it’s a perfect gift to share.

For your creative writer pal: Do you have a friend who never leaves home without a small notebook or her journal? Do you often find her writing in her journal when you had plans to leave the house an hour ago? Does she tell you that her writing is “almost done?” This year give her the best writing journals she can ask for! A pack of Moleskine Journals is an amazing gift for any writer. They now come in this fancy and pretty pink, but you can buy them in a range of colors. Barnes & Noble is offering this gift for a very fair price of only $12.00 when you order online.

And for those other giftees that you’re stumped on:
Your little cousin or close friends kid wants to be a chef: Betty Crocker’s Kids Cook is an awesome full color book that has kid friendly recipes for that aspiring chef to experiment with. A few of the recipes are: Squeeze and Scribble Pancakes, Whatever Pizza, and Puddle of Fudge Cake. ($17.95)

Your guy who smokes but hates cold hands: Gap Fingerless Gloves. They come in a cool red striped pattern. Functional and badass at the same time. ($14.50).

Your college pal who likes planning and Harry Potter: Harry Potter 2010 Calendar. Awesome full color photos of your favorite witches and wizards. ($13.99)

While giving that perfect gift can be stressful, especially if you’re still shopping for it, I always remember Glamour’s advice from last Christmas. “You don’t have to be Ivana Trump to give an awesome gift.” I live by that. It’s always, ALWAYS, the thought that gets put behind the present you’re giving. Hope you all have a very happy holiday and a merry Christmas. Enjoy the festivities!

End of Semester Meme Fun

As of 7:15pm, I am officially done with my Fall 2009 semester. Next semester is Student Teaching and then I’m graduating and shipped off into the big, scary world of “finding a real job.” I wanted to do a college meme, but since I’m not done I found this fun high school meme on a blog and decided to be nostalgic and give you all a glimpse of what I was like in high school. Since I’ll be teaching high school this was especially fun for me. Enjoy!

This is my friend Kelly and I in high school. Please excuse my visor. I got it in SF, wore it throughout my wine country tour, and still have it. I don’t know if Kelly still has her awesome pants, but I sure hope so. Yes, we are still best friends, FYI. I’m aware that I look goofy as hell.

Where did you graduate from and what year?
Hamden High, 2005.

Who was your significant other?
I’m only going to talk about important ones, haha. I guess Stan and his blue hair when I was a freshman/sophomore, and then Keith from then until now. There were some other people in between, but I’m all set with including them. Let’s just say these are the ones I DON’T regret.

Was your Prom a night to remember?
I went to two, Keith’s and mine. Keith’s was cool, but I was sick as hell. Mine was awesome. It involved a sleazy hotel room, dancers, and a graduation party the next morning. My hair was sick.

What was your favorite song you danced to the night of Prom?
I couldn’t tell you what was played. Sinatra was playing during dinner, but we weren’t allowed to dance during dinner.

Do you own all 4 yearbooks?
Yup, I’m spoiled.

What was your favorite movie in high school?
Idle Hands, SLC Punk, Billy Madison…a lot of the same ones I have now, but less zombies.

What radio station did you jam out to in high school?
I didn’t jam…I rocked. RADIO 104. You wouldn’t know how cool 104 really was. I woke up to Dee Snyder’s morning show every day. 420 Brownie, I miss you.

What was your number 1 choice of college in high school?
SCSU, the one I ended up going to. I only applied to one college and hoped for the best. Yay hoping!

Were you involved in any organizations or clubs?
French Club, GSA, and Culinary Arts when I was a senior.

What was your favorite class in high school?
The Restaurant hands down. I loved eating and cooking things. I ate my weight in hash browns, and back then, that was a lot.

Who was your big crush in high school?
I guess who I was dating. OH! And Mr. Sudusky. OMG.

Would you say you’ve changed a lot since highschool?
YES! I’m smarter, skinnier, and stronger. I also use more alliteration.

What do you miss the most about it?
I miss the easiness of it. I always had money back then for the movies.

Your worst memory of HS?
When I got dumped? That was serious business back then. And probably any Math class.

Did you have a car?
My senior year I had a cavalier. But until then Keith drove me to school junior year, and I always made us late. Before that, my Mom would drive me a lot because I never made it to the bus.

What were your school colors?
Green and gold.

Who was your favorite teacher?
Mrs. Frumento. She made me want to become a teacher.

Did you own a cell phone in high school?
Yup, a sick, thick, brick. Complete with blue LCD display.

Did you leave campus for lunch?
We weren’t allowed to, but we did anyway.

If so, where was your favorite place to go eat?
Chili’s…bottomless chips & water all around! And Acrop, which I still eat at quite often.

Were you always late to class?
First period, senior year…more often than not.

Did you ever have to stay for Sat. School?
Nope, I just got suspended. They jumped over Saturday Detention with me.

Did you ever ditch?
Yeah, a lot once I hit senior year. But before that I’d have my Momma call me out. I skipped once to go see “The Passion of Christ.” Good times.

When it comes time for the reunion will you be there?
If I’m not on the West, why not?

Things I Love: Wednesday

It’s the middle of the week, and though I began compiling this blog on the train ride home from NYC, I figured it was time to share with all of you the things that are keeping me cheerful this week.

Last Christmas was when I had the pleasure of trying out Philosophy’s bath and body products. My cousin got me Snowman Body Wash/Shampoo and it was great! This Christmas season they are featuring a “Recipe Box” including Red Velvet Cake and Sweet Creamy Frosting body washes/shampoos. The cool thing about Philosophy’s products is that you can wash your hair and your body at the same time. What a time saver! Plus these two products smell delicious. I purchased mine at Ulta for $18.00, and have been using them every day. My skin is soft, the lather is FABULOUS, and it feels like I’m bathing in cupcake batter. Definitely a great stocking stuffer or gift for your friends! It also comes with two real baking recipe cards!

Next up, Tom Perrotta! I was introduced to his books by my friend Kelly. She let me borrow a book called “Little Children” and I ended up buying it for myself and telling as many people as possible to read it. But this isn’t about “Little Children”, (though that’s a great read) this is about “The Abstinence Teacher.” This book kept me hooked from the beginning. One of the main characters is a teacher, and it just shows what teachers have to go through when the “man” steps into your classroom. The book also gives a look into the world of religion, and what happens when religion and public education mesh together. (It’s disastrous in my opinion–but that is a whole other blog post). To me, the characters were believable, and I loved the flashback style Perrotta used.

Going on with the book theme, my next obsession is Goodreads. I joined it because I’m currently compiling a reading portfolio/unit for a Sarah Dessen novel for my class. I was planning on creating a Goodreads project, but figured I should be familiar with HOW the site works, not just what I’ve heard from fellow bloggers. Needless to say, I’m hooked and I have tons of fun ideas for my future students to use and explore this website. You can add me and I would love that. I especially like the site’s trivia section. It’s infinite!

Finally, exchanging recipes is something else that I’ve recently gotten into. If you remember from Easter I received a recipe box and am currently working on filling it. At my Aunt’s house on Thanksgiving I planned to exchange recipes via snail mail with my cousin’s brother. I sent him a Manicotti recipe and my Taco Dip recipe. The art of letter writing is NOT dead. I love writing letters, and I love getting recipes. Do you have any favorite recipes?

Happy Thanksgiving!

For anyone who celebrates, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful day with family, friends, and of course the insane amount of delicious eats. I’m thankful for many things EVERYDAY, but it’s fun to talk about what you’re thankful for especially on this holiday. My little cousin Caleb suggested everyone go around the table and say something they’re thankful for. Here is my list.

  • My family, my friends, Keith & Socks all take first priority. But that’s a given.
  • Good health. =]
  • Books. I love all kinds, all genres. I just love to read. Without books I would truly be a lost soul.
  • Rapid Release Tylenol. I’m way too impatient to deal with headache pain. This stuff works wonders.
  • Goldfish Crackers. They remind me of my childhood, and I still eat and by them in bulk.
  • Journals. I keep a journal aside from my blog. It’s so therapeutic and I would miss writing in a journal if for some reason I was unable to.
  • My relationship with my Mom & Dad. As an only child I am very close to each of my parents and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I cherish the relationship I have with them.
  • Pizza. I could have it every day. I love pizza.
  • Planners. Again, something I would be lost without. I love planners, planning, crossing out plans, making plans. Planning rocks.
  • You guys! Without my readers I wouldn’t have met so many great friends, my site would be pointless, and I wouldn’t have so many amazing blogs to read.
  • Ginger-free pumpkin pie!! MY COUSIN LAUREN IS AWESOME & MADE THIS FOR ME. It was delicious!!
  • The elliptical machine. It helps with all of the pizza I consume.
  • A warm house and other commodities that many do not have, such as a car, clothes, ample food, and the like.

    I am thankful for so many things that I could never compile a whole list of everything that I appreciate. What are you all thankful for? Material or otherwise?

    How To Write A Paper

    In my past five years at college (yes, Education majors take 5 years to get a Bachelor’s at my school), I’ve learned how to do a lot of things. For example, I’ve learned that as you get older and take freshman classes you automatically have acting up privileges. When I took Music History last semester I was one of the two oldest people in the room with the exception of my amazing professor. If you’re old and taking an intro class for fun, you get the rights to joke around, yell out, and come in late. I’ve learned how to get kicked out of a professor’s office, and I’ve learned that putting Chapstick on a ScanTron sheet DOES NOT get you a perfect score. I thank Keith for trying that out in our Botany class (I’m convinced that class was actually the 5th circle of Hell, but I don’t think I deserve that punishment).

    The best thing I’ve learned is setting up a workspace. I’m currently working on my Metacognition project for my Teaching of Writing class. We had to observe an organic object for a week, write about it, and then interpret our thoughts with the use of other “thinkers.” Sounds fun, right? It is! But it’s insanely hard to stay focused sometimes when I’m “thinking about my thinking.” So I set up the perfect workspace.

    Behold, the perfect college student workspace. Make sure to lay EVERYTHING out that you’re going to need to write, and throw it all over the place. You don’t want to ACTUALLY be able to access your keyboard. Next, you need food. My choice is usually Goldfish. Delicious, easy to grab, and cute. You’re going to need a drink to wash down that snack, so type a sentence of your paper, go downstairs, and get a Diet Coke. In the kitchen, you’ll realize that you need to smoke a cigarette. No good paper gets completed without mass amounts of Nicotine running through your veins.

    When you get back upstairs, you’ll realize that your cat has burrowed herself into your quilt and looks completely adorable. Sit with her and watch re-runs of “Everybody Hates Chris” for an hour or so. Realize that your paper still isn’t done and start typing like a crazy person for the next 45 minutes. Bring it to your workshop and smile, your peer reviewer loved it, and your professor granted everyone an extra week and a second workshop since no one showed up to class. Begin the cycle again in about a week.

    This is one of the coolest projects I’ve ever done, though also one of the most challenging. I completed my second draft and am really excited to see how it goes in my workshop tomorrow. For the record, I observed a tiny, baby Maple tree in my backyard. I uploaded the photos of my tree on flickr. Go to the “Things I Like” collection and you can see Day 1, Day 3, and Day 7 of my adorable tree.

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