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happy new year!

First and foremost, I wish all of you a happy, healthy, and safe new year’s! I’m sure some of you have already been able to celebrate, so I hope you had a great time. =]

As for plans for tonight, I’m sleeping at Keith’s and we’re hanging out with his brother, sister-in-law, and parents for dinner along with some friends. It’s going to be a quiet new year but that’s fine with me. Keith is still not feeling well so it’s better to lay low and have fun with the people who are closest to us. I’d rather see family and close friends than a bunch of noisy people at a bar/restaurant anyway, haha.

Has anyone tried the Curves granola bars yet? They’re really good! I just ate a chocolate peanut one, and although Kashi is my favorite they’re not bad. My Mom got a sample back and put it in my stocking.

So as my last post of 2007, I leave you with me wearing glasses.

Don’t I just look so smart. Sturbridge pictures are on my flickr as well. <3

happy saturday!

My poor Keith is so sick, and he came here for my Mom’s amazing chicken soup (which is actually my Nonni’s recipe), and then went home. He has a rotten cold, and I don’t want him running himself down, especially with New Year’s coming up. Our vacation to Sturbridge was fun, although we didn’t take many photos. The few we did take I’ll post on flickr at some point.

I have a question for all of you right now. Does anyone want to be my penpal? I’ve been writing to Lulu since 2001, when she hosted me, and we’ve become such close friends and met in the summer. It was so much fun!

I really love writing letters, and although they may sound dorky, I think it would be fun to have another pen pal. I even send Christmas presents, haha. So if one of you guys wants to be my pen pal let me know!

To answer your questions,  “The Golden Compass” was phenomenal. My Dad and I have such a great time. And tomorrow I’m going shopping at the mall and out to lunch with my Mom. I’m so excited, and will probably end up buying more books although I buy too many as it is. Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

reaping the goods

I hope you all had a wonderful, happy and safe Christmas! My Christmas was absolutely amazing. It began with NYC, and ended yesterday with seeing National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which was not bad at all.

I received lots of gift cards (which is amazing! new clothes!), VS boyfriend fit sweatpants, a massage pillow, Hello Kitty stationery/sticky notes, a cat calendar, DVDs, The Christmas Box book, and so much more. My parents are so giving and generous and I appreciate everything so much. It really was a perfect Christmas.

Christmas Eve at Keith’s was a ton of fun too. I ate so much! Everything was delicious, as was everything on Christmas Day. Time to get back on track now, haha.

I’m going to see The Golden Compass with my Dad in a little bit and I’m really excited. Every Christmas break we go and see a movie so I’m really excited. I’ve been wanting to see this for a while now.

This Sunday I’m going shopping with my Mom, and the guys (Keith, my Dad, cousins, and my Uncle) are going to see Beowulf. So that will be nice too.

Oh, and be forewarned this layout will end up as an online version of Febulights. Many apologies for that, haha.

new york city & A BIG SURPRISE!

Saturday was our NYC trip and it was absolutely amazing. Keith had never been before, so for our Christmas gift my parents took us to see “Phantom of the Opera” and to Carmine’s for dinner. The day was perfect, and everything was amazing. The city is beautiful and I would love to live there one day even if it’s only for a little while. I’ve been there many times before, but this time was my favorite. When we got into Grand Central Terminal they were doing a Christmas light show. It was really beautiful to see. The play was amazing as usual, and dinner was great. Dinner was even better because of this:

Before dessert my Dad all of a sudden kept asking my Mom if she had to go to the bathroom and she kept saying no and looking at him like wtf? So, he says it again more sternly and she goes, “oh yeah I do. Chris come with me.” So I say, “I don’t have to go.” I ended up going with her anyway and we’re in the bathroom and she’s taking her sweet time. I was totally confused as to why my Mom wanted me to come with her. So, we finish up in the bathroom and we go back to the table for dessert and a little blue box is sitting on my dessert plate. I look closer and sit down and I see it’s FROM TIFFANY!! I open the box and inside is my Christmas gift from Keith. A delicate two heart necklace from Tiffany. It’s absolutely beautiful, and I grabbed him and cried. The tables next to us were smiling at us, and it was just amazing. A perfect day ended with a perfect surprise. I am so blessed and thankful for Keith. He is an amazing boyfriend and I love him.

For the rest of the photos go here!!

wednesday rules!

Yesterday was literally the best day ever. It was a day full of good vibes. It started with me making 92.00 selling my books back to the bookstore. Then I went and got my amazing paycheck, and told them I need to work days and they’re going to work on that, no stress.

I got an A- on my paper for Shakespeare, and know I schooled the final.

When I got home my Praxis I scores were in an envelope on the counter. I was literally shaking when I was opening them, and when I looked I saw that I PASSED PRAXIS I!!! For those of you who don’t know, that is the first in a series of tests which certify me to teach in CT. I was so happy I started crying, haha. I called everyone and told them. I’m so happy, and it was an amazing way to start my break.

Today, at 2:45 I’m done with school for the semester. My first class consisted of BK Hash Browns, and Dunkin Donuts blueberry muffins. My friend Eliza and I brought in a breakfast buffet to eat while taking the test and I’m still stuffed, haha.

I’m so ready for break. Tonight I’m going out to dinner with my friend Kristal, and then meeting up with Keith and the crew, and Friday exchanging gifts with Kathleen. And Saturday is New York City with Keith and my parents. This week has been amazing. I’m so utterly happy right now.

And Keith took me to see I am Legend as a surprise, and it was AMAZING. I have a soft spot for Will Smith, but this movie was just amazing. Go see it!

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