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DIY French Manicure

Yesterday I had a “Christine Day” which included deciding to give myself a French manicure. I’d tried before and failed horribly, but this time I didn’t do too bad. I went to Sally Beauty and bought up some goodies:

Orly “Top to Bottom” base & top coat
Stripe Right in Silver Glitter
China Glaze Nail Lacquer in “White on White”

Ta-da! The finished product. It took about 45 minutes, and granted it’s not perfect, I’m not discouraged If I can perfect the French mani it’ll save me tons of money since I’m a manicure freak. Base Coat is a must! It provided a nice smooth surface for the polish to glide onto, and to adhere to. I love the brand I used. It applies smoothly and quickly. DON’T GLOP! One coat will do the trick.

Next I started on the white tip. I did two coats of white (and a few touch ups here and there). I started the first coast very light, filling about 1/3 (or a bit less) of my nail, so I had a faint guide when it came time to apply the second coat. This trick worked great for me as I knew where to put the second, darker, coat without worrying about messing up the first time.

Finally, the fun part (for me) was the stripe. I used the Stripe Right, which has a brush about an inch long and is very thin. I practiced on a napkin first (DO THIS!), and did a slow/quick sweep. Doing it a bit faster is better, but since this was my first time I ended up speeding up by the end. The silver tended to glop a bit but it came off easily with some polish remover.

Possibly more looks to come, I’m really getting into DIY nails.

Benefits & Uses of Baby Oil

On my last post I mentioned some ways to help relieve from cold symptoms, and of course one of the seasons most annoying problems; dry skin & chapped lips. Cynthia asked me what I thought about using Baby Oil for dry hands, and I have to agree, it’s a good idea. This post is all about the benefits of Baby Oil, which I absolutely LOVE! So thanks Cynthia for the inspiration.

Of course baby oil is most known for it’s benefits on baby’s skin, you can use it for your makeup and beauty needs as well. Use it as an eye makeup remover; the gentle formula removes eye makeup gently without burn in case it does get into your eyes. Fabulous! And plus, it softens the skin around your eyes, which is very delicate.

If you’re an at home waxer like I am, I usually get rid of the Benzocaine or Azulene in my wax pack, and use Baby Oil to remove excess wax on my skin (or sometimes the sink, haha). If you’re a new waxer, you may be prone to mild irritation or redness after waxing. By applying some Baby Oil with a soft cotton ball, you’ll soothe skin too.

For dry skin I recommend using baby oil before you dry off when getting out of the shower. If you’re going to do this make sure to stand outside the tub to avoid slipping as the oil will make the tub very slippery. Apply oil to dry skin while you’re still wet and as you dry, the moisture from your skin will suck up the oil and the towel will help to rub it in. It also works lovely for windburn, during the windy winter months.

Check Out These Household Uses
Use a straight pin & a dab of Baby Oil to untangle necklaces.
Use to quiet squeaky door and cabinet hinges.
Apply to leather bags and shoes to keep them soft.
GREEN ALERT: Mix with lemon juice in a spray bottle to polish furniture!!

And for more Green/DIY tips, I check out DIY Life which has amazing recipes for making things at home. Frugal, safe, and fun!

Mascara Tips & My favorites

I absolutely love Mascara. It’s a beauty product I wear almost everyday, even more than eyeliner. Mascara can open your eyes up, make them look bigger, and of course give you dramatic, lush lashes. There are mascaras for thickening, separating, and adding volume to your lashes. Total Beauty gives perfect lash tips, tricks and more. Here, I share some of my favorites, and the mascaras that I couldn’t bear to lose!

– Use a zigzag motion to separate lashes if you’re using a traditional wand brush.

– Apply to the inner, outer, and middle sections of your lashes. Those tiny inner lashes sometimes are forgotten.

– Wipe your wand gently with a tissue prior to applying. This helps get rid of clumpiness.

– CLEAR MASCARA! Great for a natural look, and also doubles as a brow gel to tame fly-a-ways.

– Replace your mascara every three months, and if you have just gotten over an illness or eye ailment throw it away ASAP! Wands can be breeding grounds.

I have three mascaras which I am currently in love with. My favorite being MAC Pro Longlash. I love the deep, rich black! The packaging is sleek and easy to stow away in a purse. This mascara is non-clumpy and makes lashes so long and lush. The longevity of the product is amazing. All day length, no clumps, and no smearing or smudging.

MAC’s Pro Lash Colour is another love of mine. White mascara can be super daring, or subtle. I love white mascara as a primer before adding color to the tips of my lashes for a bolder look. I also wear it alone on the outer edges to brighten up my eyes.

And last but NOT least, Covergirl Lash Blast is amazing! I have it in dark brown which gives a subtle look. Black has always been more dramatic for me. The brush is thick and has many tiny applicators which make sure that every lash is lengthened. Mascara makes any makeup look in my opinion. It’s a great way to finish out a look for work, or for going out at night, and it’s more versatile than people think!

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Happy October everybody! October is breast cancer awareness month, and there is so much that we can do to help find a cure, donate to research, and support survivors. Breast cancer is one of the most easily treatable cancers if detected early. One of the biggest fallacies is that breast cancer is something only women have to be concerned with. Men can also be at risk for breast cancer, as they also have breast tissue! We can all do something to help the cause for curing and treating breast cancer. There are many beauty and fashion companies that make products in which all proceeds go directly to charities. Here are some links, and amazing products that work in two ways; keeping you gorgeous, and helping those in need.

Make sure to check out’s Breast Cancer Awareness Shopping Guide. Clinique is just one of the companies contributing to such an amazing cause. This special edition of their Dramatically Different Moisturizer (which I’ve never met someone who didn’t love it), donates to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Also featured is Bobbi Brown’s Pink Ribbon collection which boasts beautiful lip glosses and colors. The two I’ve mentioned are only a few of the amazing products on TB’s shopping guide. Make sure to check out the products, and take note of the amazing cause you’ll be helping out.

Beauty companies worldwide are focusing on this important cause, but clothing companies also donate to charities and foundations as well. Consider shopping on The Susan G. Komen For The Cure Promise Shop. The shop features beautiful ‘Warrior’ Scarves, in which each symbol means something different. Also on the website are Komen Holiday cards, and watches. Why not have Holiday cards which also help a good cause?

And, finally, you can even help the cause to cure breast cancer when you go out to eat. Panera features a Pink Ribbon Bagel for the month of October. As I used to work there I can tell you it’s pretty delicious. It has dried cherries and a vanilla flavor, and tastes great alone or with your morning cup of coffee.

If you want to learn more, I’ve included some amazing links. Check them out and be informed!
Susan G. Komen For The Cure – Buy products, donate, and learn more about Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Research Foundation – Learn more about the steps we’re taking everyday to find a cure.

Total Beauty’s Breast Cancer Awareness Shopping Guide – Buy beauty products, donate to a good cause!

Breast Cancer in Men – Guys! Read this! Women are not the only ones at risk!

Product Review: Carmex Medicated Lip Balm

Let’s face it: Cold sores are gross and painful, but most people have had a cold sore, or have known someone who has had one at one point in their life. I sliced the corner of my mouth with dental floss a few weeks ago and within a few days: BAM! I had a cold sore. They can be caused by trauma to the skin, exposure to the sun, and most commonly due to fever and illnesses.

To clear something up, that truly annoys me first. A Cold Sore does not mean you’re dirty, promiscuous, or that you have herpes. Although caused by a type of Herpes virus, it should be noted that if you’ve had Chicken Pox in your life that is also a strain of Herpes virus.

With that being said, I tried many different products in the past few weeks and nothing worked better than Carmex lip balm. Two people recommended that I try the product but I went with what I knew best first: Blistex, and when that failed, Peroxide and Neosporin. Carmex definitely worked the best out of everything. I purchased the original formula in the tube, so it’ll be easier to carry with me, and found out that it works as an amazing lip balm as well. The side of my mouth looks incredibly better with only 2 days of using this product.

When you put the lip balm on your lips feel cool and tingly due to the menthol and other anagesics that help to relieve pain. It smells and tastes like vanilla, and goes on smooth, although it’s a bit greasier than other products I’ve tried. A little bit goes a long way. And most importantly, Carmex states, “Products tested on family members, not animals.” It’s animal friendly!

If you have dry, chapped lips or a cold sore like I did, I recommend trying this product. I never even knew it existed until recently, but it’s been around for a while, and judging by how it’s worked for me, I think it’ll be around for a while more.

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