About Me

If you’ve found yourself here, let me say, “Hi!” I’m not new to the Internet by any means. I’ve had a few well-known blogs and have spent my fair share of time on social media promoting brands, sharing my stories, and trying all of the awesome cruelty free and vegan products out there. Then, for a while it turned into work, lacked a true “brand”, and was starting to become less of something I enjoyed. Enter my mid-life blogging crisis, Bliss and Blessings, a lifestyle blog focusing on mama life, vegetarian struggles, and crunchy antics.

Throughout my 20s I adopted a “kinder” way of living. I try my hardest to live cruelty free, natural, and toxin free and that only became more true once in May 2014 when my husband, Keith, and I welcomed our Golden Retriever, Myles into the family.

In November of 2016 our baby boy Leo was born. After a plant-based pregnancy, natural birth, and encapsulating my placenta! This made me want all the more to make sure I had a clean, nontoxic house that was safe. So, enter the third phase of my blogging life, Bliss and Blessings: a name that encompasses how I feel about my life, blessed and blissful and ready to take on a toxic world with kindness and compassion. This is my space–welcome!