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Homeschooling Adventures & National Honeybee Month

I’m so excited to share that our official Homeschool 2020 year has kicked off. What? Homeschool? Aren’t you a high school teacher? All true! Leo attended a small Montessori style preschool housed in my high school for a year. He went for two days a week in the mornings only for socialization and enrichment. But, I always knew I wanted to homeschool. After being in the education biz for a while now, I knew I did not want my child to be subjected to some of the things public school kids experience. As a public school attendee myself, I thought about this for a long time. Homeschooling sounded daunting. But, when his nursery school did not open up again fully due to COVID, and he would have to wear a mask, social distance, and not experience school as he did before, I made the decision to get more concrete in my homeschool goals and really begin, rather than dabble in between his nursery school days.

So, why do I continue to teach high school if I feel like the system is broken? I love the kids. I love talking with them, teaching them, and coming up with ways to solve problems. I love reading with them and working with them and believe that good teachers can change lives. But, the larger system is working AGAINST teachers and against free thought and learning. It supports testing and functions like a corporation and our current administration will continue to force that narrative to eventually eradicate public schools. And that’s something I cannot fix on my own. So, I do my absolute best with my students and I make the choices that are best for my child. Got heavy there for a minute, huh?

I gave myself a lot of grace with this first month of school. I am back in work myself teaching in person and hybrid classes. So, when I was home we started with a simple routine to get him used to the homeschool concept. Leo is very perceptive, so I explained to him what we were doing and why in an honest, but age appropriate way. He said, “you can teach me and your big kids!” Adorable, no? I had done some preliminary research and align most with Charlotte Mason/Eclectic style. I joined a homeschool community online called Wild & Free and followed their content bundles and added my own curriculum based on seasons/monthly celebrations. September is National Honeybee Month, so I sprinkled this theme throughout the two-week span.

  • We learned songs about bees and did finger plays/imaginative play with his plushie bee hive.
  • Set up a bee hotel and housed 5 solitary bees.
  • Built a toilet paper roll bee.
  • Traced and explored the letter “B.”
  • Completed worksheets that count with bees.
  • Pattern block honeycomb building.
  • 5 senses lessons with honey as the study object.
  • Made a squishy bee.
  • Created and read our baby Bee Book.

This month focused on using as much free play, manipulatives, and outdoor time as much as possible.

I plan to keep a seasonal rhythm as I continue to explore this new journey. Watching Leo flourish and explore his world with such freedom and excitement is truly a beautiful experience. I’m hoping that more people will realize they can achieve their homeschool goals even if they are not a SAHM, teacher, or whatever “labels” you may have attached to this movement. I’ll keep this as a loose feature so we can all share the resources we possess. Education takes a village–and I think that village needs a revamp!


  1. I know exactly what you mean by knowing the system is broken but still trying to stay in it to change and improve what you can. It’s so tough but thank you for fighting the good fight to be there for your students and kid. Also I love those bee themed activities, they’re so cute!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words!!

  2. Agghh I can’t even begin to imagine what you must be going through or dealing with this pandemic right now. It is such a shame how the public education system is so broken. It’s completely messed up where priorities are in terms of how government institutions are funded. Teachers shouldn’t be paid so little & the institutions where they’re employed shouldn’t have such little resources to provide the youth in the country with so little. How do we grow our economy & our most brilliant minds if we’re limiting their access to education? It causes such great inequities throughout the country. I’ll cut myself off right there; I could go on forever.

    I love the cute little project that you’re doing with your kids though. Honey bees are important! Will you also be planting new fauna that’ll attract honeybees too?

    • Thank you for your kind words!!! Us teachers are hanging on by a thread right now, but we just keep going for it for the kids!! I do love my job, but I hate seeing the broken aspects of a system that is almost too large to manage. We did plant some cool new plants for pollinators that are native to our area! Now we have to wait and see what comes up. 🙂

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