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My Steps to Clean Living

Lately I’ve had some messages and received notes asking about my journey of clean living. It’s truly still a journey because I learn something new all the time about products and ingredients. I’m still constantly researching clean living recipes, tweaking my own home procedures, and of course compromising with the other folks I live with. Clean living does not have to be all or nothing. I thought a lot about that when I first went plant based in 2012 and when I then switched to cruelty free cosmetics and products. It’s overwhelming to learn about products you once put your faith in, but once you know–there really is no going back. Here are the steps I took and how I’m continuing to clean up our routines on the daily.

The Awakening – Holy @$#^

I gave up meat for Lent in 2012 and felt amazing. I could not go back to my old ways of eating. Because my family is not 100% plant based (my son and I are, but my husband is not) I started researching humane and organic meat brands and have now started looking at sustainable farms and local purchases. I’m working on this because research has shown that food sustainability is a large step in a clean living environment. And the more plants you eat, the better you poop–hence the title of this section, haha!

Awakening Part II – All of my Makeup is Full of Crap

Since I was eating a plant based diet, it made sense to cut out any brands that test on animals. That was simple. I had Logical Harmony for that. But then I took it one step further and started looking at the actual chemicals in many of the products I was using. Then I learned that according to the Environmental Working Group, women use an average of 12 products a day, containing 168 different chemicals. Most of these chemicals disrupt hormones and are generally pretty toxic. I started being more critical with my cosmetics (while keeping them CF) and was introduced to doTERRA by my dog’s breeder.

DIY, Cooking at home, holistic health, and B A L A N C E

I still use a lot of my favorite products, but we started DIYing a lot of cleaning products, started cooking at home more with fresher ingredients, and I am always, ALWAYS looking at the clean living balance. We aren’t perfect! Some days we eat kale and some days we’re eating krunch bars. The point is knowing better, doing better, and making INFORMED choices for your families.

That’s a very simplistic view of how I became the person I am today and how I make the choices that I do. But since making these changes I’ve truly come to feel better about what comes into our homes and what we allow into our bodies.

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