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Magazines for Littles – Leo’s Faves

We’re going on week three of our new normal here at home, which means we’ve been finding lots of ways to try and stay busy. In my last post, I talked about the activities that we’ve been doing to keep busy. All of them are hands on and creative, but what about when the books in the shelf get boring? What about when you’ve read “Green Eggs and Ham” so many times you could probably write your own fanfic? This is why even in a digital age…I love magazines! It might be the 90s/2000s kid inside of me, but getting a new magazine in the mail was so exciting (and still is). I still pick up a magazine or two when I’m at the store to flip through when I have a free moment. Leo’s been into books for a long time and likes to “read” on his own. Magazines are visual and make it fun. Here’s the ones we’re obsessed with and why:

High Five/Highlights Hidden Pictures: Leo got his first “Hello” magazine from one of my favorite Aunts when he was 6mo old. I like this company a lot because they have different levels for different ages, so the magazine truly grows with you. We’re currently obsessed with High Five because every issue comes with a craft, a recipe, and some type of movement activity. Like the craft we made this week from his issue on driving and vehicles. I also love that one of the stories always has an English/Spanish component. The Hidden Pictures magazine is just that: all hidden picture puzzles which are great for on the go. You can buy them separately or with your subscription package.

Nickelodeon Preschool Friends: The Paw Patrol is on a roll! I love the preschool friends magazine even though you can only get it in stores. Check out your local grocery store or even your local bookseller. I love this magazine because it has all of his favorite pals like Peppa, Blaze, and the do good doggos themselves, but it also has a lot of activities with counting, basic language, and word/image association. The pull out workbook is fun and colorful and doesn’t look like “worksheets” which makes me happy! We do a sheet when he’s in the bathroom (ha!) or throughout the day.

Chirp Magazine: The last one that we just found out about is Chirp which is a creative/art focused magazine with a seasonal theme.

Credit: Beyond Magazines

Like High Five, it features recipes, activities, and lots of crafts and things to do. I like this one the most for its hands on activities and easy craft ideas which items you probably already have in the house. The visuals are gorgeous and I personally love the designs.

Leo and I can’t be the only magazine junkies out there! What are you reading these days?


  1. All the kids must be so bored and going nuts inside. Its a hard time. I try to do alot of reading and adult coloring books. My bf got me a beautiful hello kitty color book. I think its time to take it out!

  2. I love that there are so many different ways to still keep kids busy. Oooh, these magazines sound great! It is great when kids can be hands-on based on what they see. It’s important for magazines to be more visual than anything for developing children. Thanks for sharing all of these!

    Nancy ♥

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