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Health Labs Vegan Maintenance Panel Review

When I moved to a plant based lifestyle, I wanted to make sure I didn’t become a “pizza and french fries” vegan. Vegan options are so healthy, but sometimes making the switch to a plant based AND HEALTHY lifestyle can be challenging. I loved all of the delicious snacks and appetizers at my disposal, and I also loved filling my days with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some people may want to make sure that their numbers and their stats are improving along with their new diet and lifestyle changes. I’m a big fan of data. It might be the teacher in me, it might be because I love to nerd out over numbers, but when I began transitioning to a plant based lifestyle, I wanted to SEE the change on the inside as well as on the outside. Over a decade ago, that was difficult to do. Now? Health Labs has made it simple!

The Health Labs Vegan Nutrition Panel makes interpreting data about your health EASY as 1-2-3. The Vegan Nutrition Maintenance Panel tests you for the most common deficiencies when transitioning and maintaining a vegan diet:

The great thing about a vegan lifestyle is that there is virtually no nutrient you will miss out on–but maintaining your nutrients in a healthy way is important! With Health Labs you do not need a doctor’s referral or lab slip and you will receive your results in 1-3 business days. The data is presented to you in an accessible, easy to read format making managing your healthy lifestyle easy!

Managing your plant based lifestyle and monitoring your health does not have to be a chore. Let Health Labs make it easy with amazing Vegan health panels to help you grow on your plant based journey with my special code BLISS25 for 25% off.

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