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Earthley Wellness Elderberry Kit Review

With flu and cold season coming up, I’m going to be sharing a lot of my healthy immune boosting strategies here on the blog. We are a family who chooses NOT TO RECEIVE FLU SHOTS! Why? We don’t need it! Growing a healthy immune system is simple and easy and only takes a couple of swaps in your daily routine. Here is the easiest: making your own Elderberry Syrup.

Earthley Wellness and their amazing DIY Elderberry Kit is where it’s at! For a long time I was purchasing syrup from the drugstore and practically selling my soul for the stuff. A tiny bottle that lasts less than a week in my home (we take Elderberry from September until about March and double the dose while sick) was costing us upwards of 15.00 or more! No thanks.

I don’t live in an area where wild or fresh Elderberries are plentiful, so I did some research and found Earthley! We use the Immune Support blend which contains:

  • Wild-crafted elderberries
  • organic rosehips
  • organic cinnamon chips
  • organic astragalus root

Simply drop the mix into your filtered water, boil, and strain. I add 1/2 c. of raw unfiltered honey for sweetness as the recipe suggests (though you might sub with a different type of nectar). It makes approximately 14oz and I store it in the fridge. This kit costs 9.99 and lasts me almost a solid month. So, I stock up throughout the year and make sure to always have on one hand!

This blend is spicy and sweet and tastes delicious! It’s toddler and husband approved! Are you on the Elderberry routine yet? And if not…why? Get woke and stay well!


  1. Yesss. I’m not on elderberry yet, but?? I was looking at kits just last month. Now I’m broke and regretting not putting my health first, something I’m working on now that I’m bringing in dough.

    I was looking around for a good kit and then remembered you said you posted about it, so~ when I’m no longer broke, I’m going to try it. Since regular OTC meds don’t work for me at all, I think I’m gonna splurge and get the cough and cold one, in addition to the immune support one, so I won’t be without any kind of meds. I use Ricola, and occasionally tea. I like the herbs more than OTC medication with all the preservatives and crap, especially since it tastes so horrifically nasty (Tussin, for example).

    • This kit is awesome! I love using it and it lasts about a month. I haven’t tried the cold and cough one, but the ingredients are awesome!

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