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Yes, even in the summer I’m basic. Problem? 🙂

My wardrobe has changed so much within the past five years. I grew up as a punky offbeat kid who always loved having statement pieces, to wearing literally nothing, to wearing just sweatpants and sweatshirts every day (even to work when I was in college–YUCK!) Now, I’ve been centering a lot of my outfits around basics that are easy to match, mama friendly for chasing an active toddler at parks and playgrounds, but still feminine and fun.

As I’ve grown I feel like you have to have the following 1) good basic tees that are fitted but also FIT YOU, 2) an excellent pair of skinnies, and 3) one good pair of shorts that doesn’t ride up. I love the Boyfriend style old navy shorts! They’ve stood by me for 3 summers now and come in all the dark-ish colors I love.

The days of cheap flip flops are starting to become fleeting. Do I still love dollar flip flops for around the house. Yes, sir! But for walking and running? Give me my Birkenstocks! I have the clogs and plan on splurging on a new pair of sandals for splash pads and more. Yes. I get my Birkies wet, wear them in all weather, and they’ve lasted me years!

Finally, the huge diaper bag was SO NOT ME. Ever. I wanted it to be. The diaper bags that double as huge bags are cute as hell…but so impractical. This backpack style diaper bag has cute embossing and feminine touches. And it fits all my crap!

When I realized I don’t need a closet full of stuff and starting streamlining my wardrobe I had more space and less time wondering what fits, what doesn’t, and what to wear. I feel another closet purge coming soon! How about you?

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