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The Five Minute Journal Practice

As part of my new year goals, I wanted to really focus on writing again for myself and practicing more gratitude. I also realized that I tend to have a very “all or nothing” personality which has stopped me from completing certain goals in the past. Either I journal every day? Or I quit. Either I print out photos for my baby book or I give up. One argument or discussion can ruin my entire day. I know I’ve been doing this for a while but guess what?

I was sick of it!

So, I did some research and found the 5 minute journal and I’m obsessed! Here’s how it works: simple prompts for AM and PM.

In the morning you respond to: 1) What are you grateful for? 2) What would make this day amazing? ‘

In the evening you answer: 1) What went extremely well today? 2) What could you do better tomorrow?

The format has helped me realize that one thing doesn’t have to ruin an entire day. And that one moment doesn’t have to define what I do with the rest of my time at work, home, or anywhere else.

Plus, any reason I have to use my notebooks and journals sitting in my desk is a good reason to write!

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