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Leo Turns Two & Date Nights Are a Thing!

Somehow some way, I’m the mama of a toddler. Leo’s second birthday was on November 21 and we had a low-key celebration at home complete with a baby shark cake made by Keith and a breakfast of pumpkin munchkins (who am I???) At each new milestone, I find myself loving another age more and more.

Right when I think we’re having the most fun as mama and son we get to try something new, explore a new place to play, or I watch him learning a new skill. Nowadays, Leo’s favorite activities are:

Chasing Myles around the house.

Talking in almost full sentences.

Exploring the solar system with his space blocks.

Finger painting while hating getting messy.

Throwing rocks into the ocean and making them splash.

Eating pancakes, yogurt, fruit, and pretty much any type of pouch.

Yelling at us when we don’t understand what he’s telling us (we are so simple, haha).

Finally, we’ve been enjoying some freedom! Now that Leo’s two, we feel comfortable enough to actually go out at night while he’s sleeping and we got a date night.

Aren’t we adorable? It’s crazy to think about how much we’ve all grown within the past two years. If someone told me I’d be making a cake while my kid slept through the night two years ago I would have asked them what they were on. Now, we’re actually forming cool routines and doing more activities as a family. And of course, I’m going to try to work on blogging and documenting more of it as well. Till next time, loves!



  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I can’t believe you guys made that cake. It looks great. Congratulations on your new freedom too. You are both looking great!

    • Hey mama!! Thank you so much. I really can’t take much credit on the cake. That was all Keith!! I am loving your pregnancy journey. You are glowing!!

      • Thank you! In response to your comment on my website “On a lighter note, aren’t you obsessed with the movements? Every time I felt one it was like a natural high!!”, I’m not really obsessed with the movements. My baby has been so active all the time that his movements are kind of annoying haha. But then at the same time, when I don’t feel him moving I get worried that he’s in trouble. I will be happy when he’s on the outside, but that also comes with a whole slew of new worries. Being a mom is hard! lol

  2. Aww, happy (belated) birthday to Leo! I can’t believe he’s 2 years old already! I feel like it wasn’t that long ago when I read about him being born. Time really flies! That’s great that you have some freedom now and can have date nights. Have fun on them!

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