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A Day in the Life: My Morning Routine

One of my favorite things to learn about people is their day to day routine. How they plan, what they do to get ready, and even what they eat. When others start their day super inspired and ready to go it motivates me to do the same. So, last year I started really taking some time for me and after some tweaking I managed to finally get a morning routine down that works for me, Leo, and Keith’s super early schedules. Does it always look perfect? No way! But, I try to make as much of this happen by preparing the night before. Here’s what it looks like:

The night before…

  • Prepare lunches for the next day.
  • Lay out outfits for myself and Leo (if possible).
  • Have laptop charged and yoga mat out and visible.

Once the alarm goes off…

  • Curse the morning…the alarm goes off at 4 am.
  • Walk and feed Myles.
  • Yoga with Adrienne or HIIT from Tone it Up (Youtube videos are amazing for FREE workouts).
  • Fill diffusers with an energizing essential oil (I usually use Peppermint or Wild Orange for the morning).
  • Shower and breakfast (usually a smoothie or avocado toast).

By the time that’s all done Leo is usually awake and I sit with him while he eats and reads a book. Of course, this is when everything goes according to plan. When stuff goes crazy? I am learning to try and roll with it and move on! What are non-negotiables for your morning or day?


  1. Geez, you get up so early! I mean, I understand needing alone time and that sometimes you have to do what you gotta do in order to get it. I also get why you go to bed so early now!

    I have peppermint tea (organic). It quells the chaos happening in my stomach that leads to nausea and helps me digest foods. I’ve noticed it also helps my skin, which I quite like. I have had to learn how to relax lately, and I look forward to my cups of tea (one a day), because it’s warm and feels so calming. There’s something about holding the warm mug in my hand that makes me feel capable.

  2. I think everyone would be bored with my daily routine. There’s a lot of wasting time and doing nothing. I’m trying to be more productive but it’s difficult. D=

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