Podcasts You Need to Listen to this Summer

Ready for me to be that person? Of course you are! I’ve been trading in my death metal and gangsta rap for drive-time university. As much as I love a sweet bass line and some dual drum beats I need to stay woke. Podcasting is cool as hell and as someone who used to have a radio show, I’m all for talking about the things that make you tick. I mean, obviously right? So, for all you kids out there who want something to complement your daily performance on your commute. I GOT YOU.

First up…Last Podcast on the Left with your hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and the beautiful to stare at Henry Zebrowski (sorry ladies and gents, he’s engaged) throws you the best in true crime and horror. Most recently? The Jersey Devil, East Coast vs West Coast, and of course plenty of heavy hitter serial killer and murder reports that will make you lose sleep, laugh at the wildly inappropriate, and even learn about, ah-hem…some anatomy. I’ve talked about lpontheleft before and I’m still obsessed. Nothing is better than wowing your straight-laced colleagues with the hottest in murder and dismemberment. Well…maybe one or two things…

Need to cry? Of course you do! There’s nothing better than having one of those ugly, breath stopping sob fests when you’re driving on your way into work. “This American Life” delivers the most raw and real in the human experience. “The Break Up Episode” will have you thinking back to that first romance that broke your heart while “One Last Thing Before I Go” will have you calling your Mom and Dad to tell them you’re sorry for every pain in the ass thing you’ve ever done…and that you actually really love them a lot. Brace yourself for an experience like no other and a good story to boot.

Want some feminism in your life? Krystyna Hutchinson and Corrine Fisher deliver the best in anti-slut shaming feminist deliciousness. I’m also pretty sure Corrine is my spirit animal if I could just be a little less hippy and a little more sassy. Goals, right? These ladies host the Guys We F*cked podcast which tackles issues and e-mails from all walks of life and center their chats on relationships, the complicated beauty of getting friendly with others, and Andrew W.K. (one of their best episodes imho). Also….I might have a girl crush on you, Corrine!

Last up? Detox your life with Hol:Fit and her amazing cleanses, tips, and overall knowledge on getting out of your own way. Her no BS approach to overall wellness is second to none. Not having results? She’s not gonna give you an excuse. What she will give you is some powerful self-talk, badass recipes, and the best in oil education. And her husband is hysterical and awesome and they’ve been together forever! Check her out like…yesterday!

Got a podcast you want to share with me? Get at me, ya’ll!


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  1. I haven’t really listened to Last Podcast on the Left but it’s frequently referenced in another podcast I listen to, My Favorite Murder (you might like it too?!). I’m so glad to know someone else is intrigued by serial killers and murderers as much as I am 😄

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