Four Cruelty-Free Products for Winter

Listen, you can take the old blog out of the girl but you can’t take the girl…I don’t know. I’m not sure that was really going the way I wanted it to. There’s really nothing I like more than talking about makeup, even if I don’t get gussied up like I used to circa 2006 when I had time to do nothing but smoke cigarettes and go to the gym twice a day. But, I digress. Winter wreaks havoc on my skin. Always has, always will. No amount of straight up coconut oil can help me. I have a small arsenal of products I can use at night when no one sees me, but my day game was lacking seriously. Not anymore, my friends! I present to you the best of the best (and really all you need!)

  • Pacifica Beauty Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream ($16 USD) – this cream is a legit lifesaver! My skin goes through its own hangover when the weather changes. This cream, night and day, gets my skin feeling hydrated and repaired like no other. The best part? It’s so light! Usually, I’ve found that heavy duty repair creams feel like a weight on your face. Not this one! And it smells like a tropical paradise.
  • Ulta Beautifully Bare Eye Palette – ($10 USD and up) This baby is only available in store, but is a nice dupe for your NAKED palettes and much more budget friendly, too! I love how the colors compliment one another so I can create easy looks right from the get-go, no drama. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  • YUNI Beauty Aromatic Body Mist ($28 USD) – I’ve talked about two things on a lot: essential oils and yoga. That hasn’t changed. YUNI’s Yoga-inspired products are still a fan favorite. Holiday time stresses me out, so a quick spritz of this Bergamot and Sage infused spray helps me find my chill. Not to mention, organic Kukui Seed Oil provides soothing essential fatty acids plus antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E to protect skin from free radical damage. So it soothes and you smell deliciously zen.
  • Pacifica Beauty Lips Like Sugar Scrub ($5 USD) – You know how it goes: the heat goes on and your lips feel like a forgotten Triscuit cracker on a party platter. So, how do you buff away all of that dry skin without ending up looking like the joker? Pacifica’s sugar scrub is gentle and effective and packed with jojoba, sugar, and grapeseed oil. It’s also no fuss–the lip balm style packaging is easy to use. I use this after a shower when skin is still soft and finish with a Pacifica lip balm.

So, products under $30? Sign me up amirite? I think you’ll love all of these just as much as I do! Happy almost holidays and cheers to getting pretty without bunnies, nasty chemicals, and soul crushing prices.

Surprised? I am, too!

If you’ve followed me here from, then you know I was having some major blog issues lately. I love blogging and I love talking about all things lifestyle, but something was missing. It was turning into work, lacked a common brand, and I just wanted something that had a real name. If you know me well, you know I am a yoga loving vegetarian mama who just wants to find more ways to live compassionately. I’m still into makeup, skincare, and beauty as much as any other #bblogger out there, but I missed being stuck in the niche. I needed room to expand, and I needed to feel like this wasn’t WORK! I work enough as it is between teaching, momming, and wifing. I needed this to be a break. So without further ado, welcome to what is going to be the artist formerly known as Curls (heh). To start kick it off? I’ll announce the winner from my giveaway (the last post from my former blog). I did not forget about you!

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So this blog is going to be for those of you who want a more authentic, useful discussion about mom life, plant based living, essential oils, crazy yoga poses, recipes, reflections, and shopping lists. Are you ready? Because I KNOW I am!