10 Happy Things: February 2018

Welcome to 10 Happy Things: the monthly feature on my blog where I get to think about all of the amazing things that happened to me this month.This month I made myself a priority so I could better care for everyone around me. Here’s what went down:

  • I started working out regularly. And man am I less of a nasty wench. I’m not back to the gym yet, but my morning routine now includes a sweat session. I’m trying to get to pre baby by my birthday in May.
  • We got Leo into his bed (he never slept in a crib). He actually loves it. And mama likes having more room to lay down with him.
  • Spring Cleanup happened in our town which means we got to purge some big ticket items like old furniture and make some needed S P A C E in our home.
  • I reorganized my office and finally cleaned off my desk. Clear space means clear head.
  • Leo loves crystals!!! SQUEE!!! Yeah, I know, toddlers like shiny pretty things…but it was cute as heck.
  • I’ve mastered the Anastasia Eyebrow Stick and my brows are looking a lot less sad.
  • Memorial Medla LLC, our side hustle has officially launched on Valentine’s Day. Check us out on insta @memorialmediallc. Working with my husband? Yeah, not easy all the time…but it’s been a great way to grow together.
  • We’re eating at home more and menu planning is a regular thing in our house! For a while we relied on a lot of take out or crappy frozen meals. We’re back to cooking and shopping (and eating) a lot better.
  • Positive self talk is becoming a regular practice for me. Again, not easy. I think we tend to be most critical of ourselves, am I right?
  • I hit Elite in my doTERRA business. I saved the best for last! Man did that feel good. Goals? Silver by January 2018. Let’s make it happen.

What lit you up this month? February was a great month for me. I’m hoping March is going to be even better!

10 Happy Things: January 2018

Welcome to 10 Happy Things: the monthly feature on my blog where I get to think about all of the amazing things that happened to me this month. Right now, I’ve been feeling some stress, so taking these tiny blessings into consideration helps me with my own mindfulness and to move out of the “blocks” that we all focus on from time to time.

  • Leo started walking! Technically his first steps were on December 30, but this month it’s been all about how he can get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. I love watching him toddle about.
  • Regular pants are comfy and they’re a single digit size. Yes, this matters to me.
  • My husband built a plywood boxspring for Leo’s full size bed so no paying thousands of dollars!
  • Last weekend it was WARM, like 50 degrees which in JANUARY?? That’s pretty awesome!
  • I got to reorganize my desk & declutter some old clothes, makeup, pens, and notebooks I no longer had use for.
  • I have a builder for my doTERRA team and a potential second builder! Looking for number 3 (is it you??)
  • Work is staying at work most days and this was extremely hard for me to practice.
  • My son age our homemade veggie burgers and loved them!
  • “Stranger Things” Season Two has finally made it into my life.
  • I actually made a business call after bedtime without waking the babes.

What are you happy about this month? Week? Day? Share it with me!

10 Happy Things: December 2017

I’m so excited to start this feature on Bliss and Blessings! I think it’ll give me a chance to stay mindful, grateful, and on point with within my own inner reflection. I’ve seen other bloggers do this and loved it; now I’m adding to the circle of gratitude and happiness. Let’s keep it going!

  • Seeing Leo enjoy holiday happenings like baking cookies. Watching him explore cookie dough with my Mom has been so fun!
  • Sharing my love for essential oils with others and helping people become more mindfully considering their health and wellness.
  • Snow falling: this year I’m actually enjoying it!
  • Moana – I was a little late to the party, but listening to this soundtrack gets me pumped for the day!
  • Graphic novels, more specifically the Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi. I never thought I’d be so hooked, but these are a great escape from the world!
  • Organizing and purging from my closet and clearing clutter from some otherwise ah-hem, crowded storage spaces in our home.
  • Enjoying some time with Keith after Leo goes to bed.
  • Co-sleeping for the rest of the night: let’s face it, he’s not going to want to snuggle with Mom forever!
  • Blogging–it’s good to be back!
  • A new year approaching–some side projects and other good vibes are at the forefront. I’m stoked!