Cool Stuff That I Want…Like, Now!

I have an ongoing wishlist in my head because I love all the things. I’m constantly someone who wants new gear for whatever peaks my fancy at the time. The past year or so? Self care all the way. I made it a mission especially for 2018 to really place my self care at the forefront of my being in terms of importance. I don’t typically do this. I felt selfish at first. But then? I looked around and realized I can’t pour from an empty cup. So, I’ve really taken pride in my personal time in the early mornings, started my Tone it Up Workouts again (free, ya’ll) and am trying not to lose my ish on the regular. But, because I’m also a firm believer in the “treat yo-self” philosophy, here’s what’s on my self care list this month:


Umm can I please dive into these high vibe creations and live there forever? Please? On the top of my list is the crystal foam sparkling face wash with Rose Quartz and Watermelon. The packaging is gorgeous and the products themselves are nothing short of magical.

  • A Fancy Hydroflask water bottle. I have gone through all the bottles. The only one to survive my serial bottle dating? The Klean Kanteen. BUT! It’s not that pretty. I like having a gorgeous water bottle for photos (yes, truth) and for work and yoga. Hydroflask bottles feel smooth, matte, and come in a ton of colors. My birthday is in May. 🙂
  • A Smokey Quartz Generator. Quartz and I get along really well. But, I’m currently on the hunt for a Smokey Quartz with some inclusions. I want a generator shape so I can use it to charge some of my other crystals while also providing me with the best outlet for my anxious energy. Technically, dark smokey quartz is rare to find and usually blasted with UV (not cool) and artificially colored. I need this in my life…but I don’t want a cheap knock off either.
  • Finally? A black triangle diffuser necklace from Lava Essentials. Diffuser jewelry is so much fun and makes taking along your favorite oil scents and benefits easy. I have a few bracelets, but I’d really like to swap out some of my necklaces for some amazing aromatherapy power!

Do you guys all believe in the self-care lifestyle? What do you do to make sure your cup is full?

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