10 Happy Things: February 2018

Welcome to 10 Happy Things: the monthly feature on my blog where I get to think about all of the amazing things that happened to me this month.This month I made myself a priority so I could better care for everyone around me. Here’s what went down:

  • I started working out regularly. And man am I less of a nasty wench. I’m not back to the gym yet, but my morning routine now includes a sweat session. I’m trying to get to pre baby by my birthday in May.
  • We got Leo into his bed (he never slept in a crib). He actually loves it. And mama likes having more room to lay down with him.
  • Spring Cleanup happened in our town which means we got to purge some big ticket items like old furniture and make some needed S P A C E in our home.
  • I reorganized my office and finally cleaned off my desk. Clear space means clear head.
  • Leo loves crystals!!! SQUEE!!! Yeah, I know, toddlers like shiny pretty things…but it was cute as heck.
  • I’ve mastered the Anastasia Eyebrow Stick and my brows are looking a lot less sad.
  • Memorial Medla LLC, our side hustle has officially launched on Valentine’s Day. Check us out on insta @memorialmediallc. Working with my husband? Yeah, not easy all the time…but it’s been a great way to grow together.
  • We’re eating at home more and menu planning is a regular thing in our house! For a while we relied on a lot of take out or crappy frozen meals. We’re back to cooking and shopping (and eating) a lot better.
  • Positive self talk is becoming a regular practice for me. Again, not easy. I think we tend to be most critical of ourselves, am I right?
  • I hit Elite in my doTERRA business. I saved the best for last! Man did that feel good. Goals? Silver by January 2018. Let’s make it happen.

What lit you up this month? February was a great month for me. I’m hoping March is going to be even better!

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