How I Set my Intentions for the Day

I’ve been really trying to focus on self care for the 2018 year. Most of 2017 was focusing on everyone else, which is fine and good…but not when you neglect yourself. I’ve started really trying to set intentions and manifest my goals and visions. At first the whole idea seemed silly to me. Like I had to plan my day? But, I realized that before I became a Mom I did that stuff all the time. Now, it was time to revisit and come back to that state of mind. So, here is how I set aside some time to make my days intentional, regardless of whether I’m on my way to work or lounging around for the weekend.

  • I usually start my morning with a reading from “100 Days of Brave” and reflect on it in my Bullet Journal. It’s a nice way to begin the day reminding myself that whatever comes across my path, I have the tools to handle it. I usually do this right after I feed pupper Myles and set the coffee pot.
  • I fill my diffusers with something good like Wild Orange essential oil. Wild Orange happens to be the oil of abundance, so I typically diffuse that during the morning in the living area while I write.
  • Before Leo gets up I do a simple card pull with Gabby Bernstein’s deck from “The Universe has Your Back.” These cards are gorgeous.
    Sourced from: – an amazing place for personal development inspo…just FYI!


  • On my drive into work I usually do a gratitude prayer of some sort before I even pull out of the driveway. I really tailor it to what I need each day. You can usually find me clutching Citrine while I do this!

And that’s it! I have really simplified my morning rituals so I have time to really focus on what I want for each day. Prayer, meditation, and writing shouldn’t be work…AND THAT, was my major lesson of 2017 (besides, you know…learning that babies don’t follow your schedule, you follow theirs.) Much love and major intentions for 2018. Let me know what you’re planning this year to stay connected!

2 thoughts on “How I Set my Intentions for the Day

  1. I love this! I’m not a religious person, but I’m becoming more and more interested in meditation and overall spirituality. Oddly enough, because of drag queens… I’ve never heard of Gabrielle Bernstein, but that deck is absolutely beautiful and I just read up on her. Do you recommend it/her book for someone like me?

    1. Hi Brandon! I honestly credit Gabby and meditation and prayer to helping me quit smoking 5 years ago. Gabby is so real and inspirational without being overly preachy or judgmental. The card deck is great! I’s definitely recommend it. If you want to practice what she writes about, my first book by her was “May Cause Miracles” which has prompts for each day. I would definitely try the card deck first and see if you like her vibe. Doing a simple morning card pull sets my tone for the day (and even Keith digs it…and we know how he is, haha).

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