Currently Reading: February 2018 Picks

I set a goal for myself to read 18 books in 2018. It’s not a terrible challenge to do because I read at work a lot, but I’m actually trying to branch out my genres and read more stuff with kick ass women which thankfully, I’m seeing a lot more of. Some of my recent reading has been fun, some has been informative or work based, and some is thrown in between naps and snacks. But, here are my February picks that I think everyone needs to get down with!

The Amulet series is straight fire! Emily is the protagonist who after suffering a terrible tragedy turns up the courage and takes care of business while learning her family are a part of a disappearing sect of people known as Stonekeepers. So, crystals? Mind powers? An awesome female lead? I’m done. The artwork is GORGEOUS and the storyline is on point. I could not stop reading this series. The only downside: the next installment doesn’t come until September of this year.

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte is my second pick for this month. I really am working on honing in on my mindfulness and intention setting so this book is perfect for “setting goals with soul.” I actually loved the workbook in the back the best. The content itself was somewhat easy to apply to anyone and anything, so don’t expect something tailored just for you, but the workbook is where you put in the practices that make sense to you. I tried to read this all the way through and realized that was causing me grief, so I went to the contents and picked what spoke to me for that day. Read it how you want, but I HIGHLY suggest completing the writing prompts in the back to get the full experience and to actually complete what you set out to do. Side note: this book suggests setting goals based on how you’ll FEEL instead of what you’ll DO which is a refreshing change!

The Essential Life has been a godsend for me since journeying into the realm of essential oils and holistic health. Out of all of the books out there, this one is my absolute favorite. No dry textbook style of writing, gorgeous images, and lots of quick remedies and uses for all of the oils in your arsenal (and probably some you didn’t know you needed. Can I get an amen to that? 

I started with a graphic novel with a kick ass lady character and I’m finishing with one. See how the universe is cyclical? Anya’s Ghost was HANDS DOWN one of my favorite books from this last month. Anya falls down a well and meets a ghost who latches on to her. What she doesn’t know is that the powers that be have other plans for her, and plans that might actually cause her demise once she thins the veil of the spirit world. Ghosts smoking cigarettes, cooking snacks, and the constant fear that you’re turning into your mother (and realizing that’s okay) dominate this snarky quick read!

So far I’ve read 7 of my 18 books for the year and am feeling fine! Hopefully I’ll keep this trend going strong!

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