Current Obsession: Rose Gold Everything

I swear basic runs in my blood, but I don’t even care. I am obsessed with everything Rose Gold. It’s not pink, but it’s not white, and it’s not brown. It’s not even gold! It’s just gorgeous and matches virtually everything within my black and grey wardrobe. Remember when Disney went viral because they had Rose Gold ears? You better believe I got a pair for myself!

Aren’t they gorgeous? We won’t be going back to Disney until Leo is at least 5 years old, but I’ll be saving them and wearing them around my home like a nerd for the next few years, that’s for sure. But, I digress!

Rose Gold looks amazing on everyone. I find it hard to rock pastels without looking washed out with my tan skin and dark hair. Worried about rocking something a little lighter? Do it like I do: accessories. This rose gold bangle (which I have) and water bottle make it easy to jump on the trend without gold-washing your entire wardrobe. Even a pendant (extra points if it’s a crystal) makes a cute statement without being extra. 🙂

This year I’m making an effort to write down ideas ASAP so I can stay organized and inspired. I snagged some adorable rose gold notebooks and pens that match my personal style and fit easily into a small bag or back pocket. I’m totally set for a work from home dream session or a meeting after work.

Finally, 2018 was the year I started to be more intentional with my crystals and prayer in general after taking a break when Leo was born. Rose Quartz is perfect for channeling my creative energy and honing on on self love which is a practice we can all stand do do more of! Until next time…get those rose colored glasses on, ya’ll!

8 thoughts on “Current Obsession: Rose Gold Everything

  1. I’ve notice myself being okay with red – but not bright red like normal. I mean having bright red hair means I should be okay with a lighter red color when it comes to everything else. I’ve always been an ‘in your face’ person when it comes to fashion – can we say leopard print!?

    I’ve thought about looking into crystals, but that’s all it’s been is a thought.

  2. Rose gold is a lovely color! I also like how it’s not quite pink. I almost got my iPhone in rose gold but decided against it since it’d just be covered by a case. I can see why you’d want everything in that color!

  3. It is soooo easy to accessorise with rose gold. I didn’t realise until reading this that rose gold really does look good on everyone. I’m so wary of overdoing it though haha. I wanted to buy a rose gold pair of shoes the other week… I bought them in black instead, but I definitely keep thinking about the rose gold version! Arg!

    I feel like rose gold adds a little bit of class and is slightly more interesting than silver or gold 😉 Even without any other embellishments, a simple bangle or chain in rose gold really adds a lot to an outfit!

    1. I am still loving it months later. It just looks great on everybody and is so easy! I’m a girl who loves blackonblackonblackwithsomegrey, but lately? This has been my JAM!

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