10 Happy Things: January 2018

Welcome to 10 Happy Things: the monthly feature on my blog where I get to think about all of the amazing things that happened to me this month. Right now, I’ve been feeling some stress, so taking these tiny blessings into consideration helps me with my own mindfulness and to move out of the “blocks” that we all focus on from time to time.

  • Leo started walking! Technically his first steps were on December 30, but this month it’s been all about how he can get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. I love watching him toddle about.
  • Regular pants are comfy and they’re a single digit size. Yes, this matters to me.
  • My husband built a plywood boxspring for Leo’s full size bed so no paying thousands of dollars!
  • Last weekend it was WARM, like 50 degrees which in JANUARY?? That’s pretty awesome!
  • I got to reorganize my desk & declutter some old clothes, makeup, pens, and notebooks I no longer had use for.
  • I have a builder for my doTERRA team and a potential second builder! Looking for number 3 (is it you??)
  • Work is staying at work most days and this was extremely hard for me to practice.
  • My son age our homemade veggie burgers and loved them!
  • “Stranger Things” Season Two has finally made it into my life.
  • I actually made a business call after bedtime without waking the babes.

What are you happy about this month? Week? Day? Share it with me!

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