Surprised? I am, too!

If you’ve followed me here from, then you know I was having some major blog issues lately. I love blogging and I love talking about all things lifestyle, but something was missing. It was turning into work, lacked a common brand, and I just wanted something that had a real name. If you know me well, you know I am a yoga loving vegetarian mama who just wants to find more ways to live compassionately. I’m still into makeup, skincare, and beauty as much as any other #bblogger out there, but I missed being stuck in the niche. I needed room to expand, and I needed to feel like this wasn’t WORK! I work enough as it is between teaching, momming, and wifing. I needed this to be a break. So without further ado, welcome to what is going to be the artist formerly known as Curls (heh). To start kick it off? I’ll announce the winner from my giveaway (the last post from my former blog). I did not forget about you!

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So this blog is going to be for those of you who want a more authentic, useful discussion about mom life, plant based living, essential oils, crazy yoga poses, recipes, reflections, and shopping lists. Are you ready? Because I KNOW I am!

4 thoughts on “Surprised? I am, too!

  1. Good luck with your new blog! Nobody needs to be tied down to a specific niche. You can still have a successful blog. I post about a variety of topics too.

  2. Ah!! When you liked my IG post under a different handle, I was like, “??? DID SOMEONE TAKE HER PICTURE OR WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?!” Oh my gosh.

    I do understand needing to change your blog name! I changed mine last year, but…I didn’t get to implement the changes I wanted to because my laptop died (oops), so my blog is kinda going through a similar overhaul soon in terms of topics. Blogs need to grow with us, let us do more of what we want and share who we are, and having tried the whole niche-oriented blogging route, I know those limitations suck.

    I’m glad you’re still around. 🙂

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